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Comment Re:Just a thought... (Score 1) 167

Just as an aside, it isn't reverse discrimination. There is no such thing, logically speaking.

Inasmuch as the phrase 'reverse discrimination' more precisely describes a phenomenon than the more general 'discrimination' speakers will employ it.

As "logical" as you approach might be, it functions only by decontextualising discrimination. And by positing various discriminations as abstract and equal, "just as racist|sexist" one blind oneself to any systemic cultural biases which might operate against subaltern groups. It is not as though the prevalence of the biases that exist in a culture represent merely the sum total of individual decisions to be biased in any particular direction, any more than the prevalence of English use in anglophone countries can be explained by the sum total of individual choices made by speakers.

In contradistinction to this neat decontextualised logical analysis, an empirical study should turn up actual systemic discrimination where such discrimination exists. But it might turn up more. In a culture where it has become possible to appreciate systemic bias within that culture, individuals (and here we are more likely dealing with the deliberate and reflective decisions of individual members) may decide to (over)compensate for the systemic biases they perceive to operate. That particular form of discrimination, as distinct from others, is 'reverse discrimination' and one needs to account for the possibility that it is affecting observations.

Thus while it may not make much sense purely in the abstract, in real-word situations it has obviously become necessary to discriminate be 'discrimination' generally and 'reverse discrimination' in particular.

Comment Re:Gender-shaming (Score 1) 167

What are ./ readers supposed to do with this "information"?

Clearly, we're supposed to get mad that the research was ever even done and then stomp on it as hard as we can to make it go away.

Sometimes research results are just research results. They may not indicate any particular course of action. But lots of people will flip the fuck out anyway because they think that the facts will be used to push action in a direction they don't like.

Comment Re:Give it time (Score 1) 37

Transhumanism is inevitable. Shortly after prosthetic performance exceeds human performance early adopters and those willing to push boundaries will opt-in to the technology. Acceptance is then just a few short generations away, all the while the state-of-the-art will continue to improve.

Can you imagine a future baseball league with a F1 style technology homologation committee to normalize the performance of the athletes' augmentations? I can't wait! Unfortunately I probably won't live another 80-130 years to see it.

Comment Surprise: font doesn't work well when misused (Score 2) 182

The font was designed for reflective white on green. The legibility studies are invalid for black on yellow.

I guess the font designers should have foreseen this and designed a family of two fonts called "negative" and "positive", but I cannot really fault them for failing to fully appreciate the magnitude of human incompetence.

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