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Comment Re:Does any one care? (Score 1) 441

Probably because it's hard to link a suicide to a specific cause. And even if it is (eg someone left a message to his spouse), the reason is probably not going to get out often.

Also, other factors on top of my head that might influence it:
-not every wife is going to want to check the list, and I guess most people would commit suicide only once they've been discovered.
-it's not really easy to access the list, I think you have to download it from some torrent. So to be discovered you need a wife who has a doubt and want to have a look, plus have the knowledge to do so.
-some of the accounts are probably fakes.
-there's the "easy" excuse of "someone else created an account for me! I think it's that guy at work that hates me". It's probably true for quite a few people too, it's an attractive target for a revenge/prank, just like gay porn websites. I think Obama's email address is in the dump for instance

Comment Re: Who cares? (Score 2) 272

According to your first link, there are about 589G air Passenger-Miles per year compared to 4 230G highway Passenger-Miles.
Let's say 10x more for road.

From 2000 to 2015, there has been about 630 death in (air carrier) plane crashes in the US, that includes 9/11 but not people on the ground. Hell, from 2006 to 2015 there's been something like 5 deaths! That's about 42 per year. (Counted from
In 2013, there was 32 000 killed in road accidents, let's say it 30k now. ( )

That results in about 7.1 deaths/G Passenger-Miles for cars compared to 0.071 deaths/G Passenger-Miles for planes. Or two orders of magnitude in the worst case for planes! That's a big difference.

As for your second link, I'm pretty sure car accidents (and plane accidents, but they are negligible) are included in "Accidents (unintentional injuries)", which is fourth. Moreover, if you're between 20 and 40, heart disease and cancer are going to be much lower on the list, the 65+ skew too much the data.

Comment Re:Is this a surprise? (Score 1) 113

He also said it gave him an advantage because he doesn't think of "nice, probable sounding" words that do not actually exists. Related to this, he can challenge such words because he knows they are not on the list he has learnt when they might appear reasonable to a native player.
I imagine someone from a language totally unrelated to French would have this advantage even more amplified.

Comment Re:Spain has a history of doing stupid things... (Score 1) 193

>"Kill them all, God will sort out the inocents" was uttered by a French general

Is it supposed to have been said by the papal legate Arnaud Amalric during the Albigensian Crusade in 1209. Calling him a French general is quite a stretch and any link to the current french population is doubtful at best.

Comment Re:Ada (Score 1) 211

I think the most significant difference is that Rust is much closer to a functional language than to something like C.
They just don't want to market it as a functional language because their targets are mostly C programmers, and most of those would never accept one.
Look at the main features: (almost) everything is an expression, pattern matching, type inference, actor-based concurrency, higher-order functions and closures, that's the kind of things you mostly find in functional languages.

Is Rust going to fix everything? Of course not. Is it going to succeed in the long term? No one knows.
But it is certainly interesting.

Comment Meaningless goal (Score 0, Troll) 442

I don't understand how a scientist can a talk about a "2 degrees goal", that's such a stupid metric.
There's so much we don't know about the climate, and so much momentum that it's just meaningless.
What happens when we reach that 2 degrees? Well probably nothing. And even if we all of the sudden say "Stop everything, we're at 2 degrees!" and somehow manage to do it, it's not going to stop because we want it to just like that. It's not a static system.

We don't know (precisely) the impact of an increase in temperature on the system, we don't know the model of the system except that it is complex and we don't know how it's going to evolve, and yet we fix an arbitrary value that we have no way to keep as a goal?

Comment Why do they want to climb? (Score 1) 132

It's probably not the (only) reason for the crash, but I don't understand why they want to climb in this situation. The Air France flight did the same IIRC.
They can't hope to outclimb a CB and at FL390, the difference between stall speed and VNE gets pretty damn small.
Maybe it was too late to do anything else, but then they really need to improve their weather forecast in the area.

Comment Re:Google doesn't have a monopoly on ANYTHING. (Score 1) 334

The problem is that you can't have a better product in six months, at least not a search engine that provides more relevant results.

I've recently had a lecture from a guy from Bing, and when asked who was more relevant and why, he simply said "Google", especially outside the USA.
The reason is that search engines are now way more about user data than any IR algorithm.
Simply put, without the huge market share and time advantage Google has, you won't be able to match them is relevance.
Now, you can compete on features or things like privacy, but Duckduckgo hasn't been able to upset the market with that.

To go back to the story, I don't think it's Google's monopoly the problem, it's that Google is accused of leveraging its monopoly to promote their other products.

Comment Too little time in the air (Score 3, Interesting) 270

I don't know if that's as true as in Europe, but the biggest complain I've heard by far from would-be pilots as well as pilots is that they don't fly enough. A flight is so costly that they don't fly more than a few times a month.

What's rather funny though is that in Europe the situation is reverted, there are far more people that want to become a pilot, fighter or commercial, than jobs available. A lot of airlines have totally frozen hiring for a few years.

Comment Re:Naivete, Stupidity, Etc. (Score 0) 204

I'm not from the US, but it works the same everywhere.
Most of the time, it's not someone who steal your phone and run, it's 2 or 3 guys with knives waiting in an alley near a building lot.
When they see someone alone, they threaten/beat him, and take everything, including the smartphone which is often the most valuable thing.

It's common here to have two phones, a shitty dumbphone with a prepaid card as a bait, and a smartphone hidden somewhere safe.

Comment Re:Speaking for German language, yes (Score 1) 330

It's probably because in French bit and byte are pronounced the same way, so you have to either pronounced it like in English, or use a different word.
While your average French IT worker might understand written English rather correctly, their pronunciation clearly suck, so the first option is a rather bad idea.

Octet is based on octa, the 8 prefix, so it makes some sense too.

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