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by UnknowingFool (#48440693) Attached to: Windows Kernel Version Bumped To 10.0

If you think that MS changed from Windows 9 to Windows 10 for the likes of Java I think that you're naive. For their own Windows APIs, they might have done it, but not for a competitor. That's the competition's problem. However this is the reason they deprecated the exact API that returns the Marketing Name in favor of one that uses the Kernel number instead. Even then people were coding for minor vs major kernel versions. MS could have bumped it up to Kernel 7.0 and things would still break if coders were careless.

MS has slowly been breaking backwards compatibility since Vista especially with the Windows 9x kernels. At this point how many versions of current Windows programs still run on Win 9x and not newer versions? Considering that it was 20 years old, I would say very few.

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by UnknowingFool (#48436519) Attached to: Windows Kernel Version Bumped To 10.0

I doubt most people would fall for Windows 10 vs. OSX 10.7 [insert cat name here].

Well most people (and maybe Apple has a better handle on this) say: OS X [Marketing Name]. Techs use 10.7 and it is in the internals of the OS.

I'm pretty cynical when it comes to tech companies, but I don't think Microsoft's marketing is quite that stupid nor their dev teams quite that stupid.

I don't think the Dev teams have much to say in the marketing name. I'm sure there are internal code names that they use instead (Blackcomb, Longhorn, etc.). Like many things MS, their marketing department has a few major misses: Squirting, Zune, C#, Windows Vista Basic Home Internet Extreme Edition, Xbox One. I think MS tried to emulate Apple's method with Vista but Vista was such a PR problem that they abandoned the practice.

IMO, they probably wanted to bump the kernel number ... and decided to bump it to match the version. Maybe they actually want Windows 10 to use the Windows 10 kernel. Maybe they want OS version and kernel version to actually match/make sense/be in sync, and are using this as a good time to do it (versus the OS patch that was 8.1).

Maybe but in Linux and OS X there's a difference between an internal versioning number and a marketing name. But it's the fault of MS as they created problem when they used a numbering scheme in the Marketing Name. Now they have to match them. In the case of Apple they switched away from big cats but it's not major a change from their previous scheme.

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Personally I think it's just an excuse. How many Win 9x programs still exist that would be tripped up by Windows 9? I think it's the Xbox 360 naming scheme again where MS didn't want name their second console Xbox 2 because that would imply there were 1 behind Sony's Playstation.So they picked 360. But then again they picked the name Xbox One for some stupid reason.

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PC is the best then PS4 then Xbox One. I guess hardware does matter when it comes to gaming. Anyone else not surprised? As for Xbox, it looks like they will be behind until the next generation unless they update the hardware. The ESRAM buffer does not seem to be making up the gap as they hoped it would.

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by eldavojohn (#48386159) Attached to: Window Washing a Skyscraper Is Beyond a Robot's Reach

For a human, using a sponge and squeegee combo is probably the most effective way to clean a window. For a robot, I would imagine that the answer is something more like a pressure washer, with a hood which covers the work area and reclaims the wash water. The water would then be filtered and reused until the particulate count rose too high, at which point it would be flushed and replaced with fresh. A sheeting additive would be used to cause the water to run off without spotting.

This probably wouldn't replace human window washing entirely, but it seems like it has the potential to replace at least some of the washes.

I've often wondered if anyone has ever tried a project to make a building which washes itself, using a robot designed for the building, and a building designed for the robot. I can imagine many problems with such a project without even undertaking it, mostly related to critters taking up residence in the mechanisms and/or tracks, but if it operated continuously that might well eliminate some of those objections. A universal window washing robot has a more complicated task than such a device would.

Did you even read the article? You'll find it discusses how the old World Trade Center Towers had built in devices that were made specifically for the building that would automatically go up and down cleaning it. The only problem was they missed the corners and creases of each pane and the rich people at the top of the building didn't want the grimy borders to their new expensive view of NYC.

It sounds like you have a lot of ideas for building a nice big heavy expensive machine that moves up and down a building. Burst forth and implement your idea, I think you'll find that the the weight, the power and the water feed to these devices will push you towards what has already been implemented and did not do a satisfactory job. Humans had to follow up behind the built in robots to clean spots they had missed.

It's funny, I read articles on Slashdot about how AI is the one thing that threatens man. And we can't even implement AI and pattern recognition to replace a window washer -- oh the incongruity!

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So I'm not too knowledgeable on photography but one thing I'm aware of is that professional photographers do a lot of post processing. To the point of Adobe Lightroom or higher being so mandatory with DSLRs that they sometimes package it with lenses (especially the ones that distort like a wide angle lens). Do you post process your photos? To what extent? How do you feel about people who use advanced techniques like even adding color to their photos? For example, I came across this photo which was odd to me because I've been to that place and it's beautiful but not like in that photo -- it doesn't need fake pink clouds to be beautiful. It would seem to me a shame to have a tree live 2,000 years and then a human uses a fish eye lens on its knotted trunk to make it seem more old and gnarled and then later adjusts the darkness of the sky to give it a Halloween feel, etc. And then since that's the most artistic shot of it, that's how we remember it.

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