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Comment: Why do I still read these comments (Score 5, Insightful) 173

by Mikelikus (#48206387) Attached to: Google Announces Inbox, a New Take On Email Organization

The level of naysayers, resistance to change in Slashdot is the most I have seen in forever and I have been reading Slashdot for quite a while now.
Could you please, please, try it before saying that it is just like [insert failed google product here] or [insert very successful google product that you don't like here].

I know this is quite a culture shift for Slashdot, but sometimes it's too much.

Comment: Re:Number One! (Score 2) 642

by Mikelikus (#39737131) Attached to: 12 Ways LibreOffice Writer Tops MS Word

Well, you have two simple features: minimize ribbon and the quick access toolbar. If you use both of these features you have as much screen real estate as you can hope to get and allows you to put commonly used but unrelated things on the screen. Of course, you can customize it as one Anonymous Coward described in a reply to your post and define custom keyboard shortcuts. I understand people dislike the ribbon for any number of reasons except those that are not reasons at all, please review office one more time.

Anyway, you are correct when you say that it brings a different set of advantages and disadvantages, however that is La Palice worthy as (almost?) anything that is comparable does bring one different set of advantages and disadvantages.

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