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Comment Human story-selectors is a good idea (Score 1) 1838

I want to support the idea of having actual humans choosing the stories.

My understanding of the firehose is that it's supposed to automate/crowd-source the stories we see, but when you've got valid accounts used by spammers to place their stories/comments then it no longer works. Even if the firehose is used to make something more noticeable to the editors we still need actual humans preventing stealth slashvertisements, etc.

Comment Display controversial posts - yes! (Score 1) 1838

I just wanted to support the idea of detecting & displaying controversial posts - it's a really good idea!

I could imagine an implementation wherein readers might have a checkbox available to them (perhaps right next to the 'what level do you want to browse at?' slider) to turn the display of controversial posts on / off.
But having a checkbox vs. always showing them vs. something else is just details - the main thing is that this is a really good idea.

Comment Trolls ok, Slashvertisements bad (Score 1) 1838

I agree that the moderation system largely takes care of the trolls.

I think that 'Slashvertisements' are much, much worse. You'll see a string of articles for some product/service/etc over a couple of weeks or so that are clearly being paid for by somebody, and then their budget is spent and the articles stop. Bitcoin had a run like this, as did solar power, and a couple of others.

Comment Re:God... (Score 1) 303

In fact, one client preferred to send a check to one open-source project for a license even though legally it grants them no benefit. The project's website even says that the project "is in the public domain and does not require a license." Companies with large bankrolls will glady shell out thousands of dollars for some peace of mind.

Hey, do me a favour and see if there's anything useful for them on my Github repos!

Comment Re:so still not as complete as3.5 then? (Score 1) 111

1) Appears to not be a problem in 5, I jam my mouse to the right of my screen with a maximised window and can scroll.

Good to know, thanks.

2) Works for me on three monitors.

I was terse, this issue is when the vertical panel is "between" two monitors. Discussion on the KDE forums:

3) There is a system load viewer - not sure if that's the same thing.

Only shows CPU load, not network or memory use. There are a few third-party widgets, but none are nearly as functional or useful as the KDE 4 widget or it's KDE 3.5 heritage.

4) As a hotkey? Works for me.

I cannot seem to set Win-] as Volume Up. I have Win-[ as volume down, Win-{as mute and Win-} as pause. Us VIM users take our keyboard shortcuts seriously!

5) This works for me, it has a 'command line' option that runs the given text.

Thank you, somehow I missed that one!

6) Hasn't happened to me, I've been running for quite a few months now. 7) I had one crash so far, as I say, a few months of runtime. The crash may not have been plasma's fault though, as other things died and it happened working with something experimental.

The crashes seem to be only for some people, not for others. Like most desktop software, those who happen to run hardware similar to that of the devs get a rock-solid experience. All others: airbags and seatbelts.

8) There is one of these enabled in the keyboard options, works for me, I swap between dvorak and qwerty with it.

Mine disappeared and stubbornly won't come back. Here is the KDE forums thread:

9) Don't know that widget, couldn't test.

Comment Re:so still not as complete as3.5 then? (Score 4, Informative) 111

so still not as complete as3.5 then?

And not nearly as polished as 4.10 was, either. Here is a list of just the first few problems that I started to list, before the problems started really piling up:

* Maximized windows do not have thier scrollbars flush against the screen edge. Thus, Fitt's law cannot be used to quickly put the mouse cursor on the scrollbar.
* Vertical panel does not auto-hide with second monitor attached.
* No System Monitor widget. Apparently being worked on.
* Volume Up cannot be set. Volume Down and mute work fine.
* Krunner no longer accepts Bash commands. I have a bash command that I run periodically, this would work in Krunner in KDE 4 but does not work in KDE 5.
* The panel app freezes often. I can intermittently freeze the panel by clicking on More Settings in the panel configuration toolbar.
* Lots of crashes, most of which are not reproducible. I've had the Plasma Panel crash, System Settings, and other applications.
* Keyboard Layout indicator missing.
* Keyboard State widget disappears from the system tray, no resolution in the KDE forums.

Comment Re:Doesn't fair use permit critique? (Score 1) 420

Have you read it? It's the mindless ramblings of a delusional madman with a combination of a persecution- and superiority complex.

Actually, I have read it. I found the book to be poignant and intelligent, if poorly written. And I'm Jewish.

In the book Hitler describes his life at home, and mentions how upset his father would be that he became anti-semetic. Hitler describes _why_ he became anti-semetic and let me tell you: I had the same observation that he had when have to deal with certain types of religious Jews. Learning from My Struggle would help the Jews get along a little better in Europe, especially the orthodox minority. Actually, that doesn't only go for Jews: Muslim religious fanatics would do well to understand what drove Hitler to hatred and save themselves a lot of struggling of their own.

Comment Re:Systemd on slashdot (Score 1) 242

Systemd on slashdot? That might go over like a lead balloon from what I've seen herer with some.

Surely you mean a lead (spelled led) zeppelin?

The article is rather insightful and one of the few that are worth reading. I disagree with a few points (2FA for ssh on his personal workstation?!?) but there are some good points in there:
* Make peace with systemd
* Learn the new tools: ip, ss, iw (not on his list, but on mine)
* Learn ZFS (on my list for half a decade)
* Use tools such as Lets Encrypt on all websites (good idea in theory, in practice not feasible due to 3 month certs)
* Learn Android
* Stop doing IT consulting for cheap businesses. Unfortunately, this is actually where the bulk of my bread comes from!

Comment Re:Gee thanks (Score 1) 28

That sounds nice, but I nearly went blind last time the internet told me to view some astronomical event!

As funny as that stupid headline is, the real mess on that page is your fonts! Seriously google for .fonts.conf or try this for a good start:
<?xml version='1.0'?>
<!DOCTYPE fontconfig SYSTEM 'fonts.dtd'>
<match target="font">
<edit mode="assign" name="rgba">
<match target="font">
<edit mode="assign" name="hinting">
<match target="font">
<edit mode="assign" name="hintstyle">
<match target="font">
<edit mode="assign" name="antialias">

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