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Comment: Stud factor. (Score 1) 641

by MikeFM (#48555369) Attached to: How Relevant is C in 2014?
So long as programmers feel the need to write C to show off what studly coders they are we'll be stuck with C. We'd all be better off if we could spend less time fixing C-related bugs and concentrate on making sure safer languages were just as fast and functional. I'd suggest C# as a better alternative but recently I've been discovering how stupid its handling of byte order is. It's not a bad language except the amount of idiot Microsoftisms it has. C++ is just as bad as C. Objective-C is a mix of genius and insanity. Java is its own set of kludges. Python is nice but slow. Go isn't enough of an improvement. ... Not sure we're ready to replace C yet but we should get ready.

Comment: Re:Well, do it, then (Score 1) 655

by MikeFM (#44430077) Attached to: What's Stopping Us From Eating Insects?
I'd rather live as a gypsy with some sort of fold-out home in a box but mostly don't because other people find that weird and thus it doesn't fit well into our social structure. Try filling out a job application and when they ask your address put "parking lot".. yeah makes it difficult. I think that's why most our nomads are either social dropouts (we even call them homeless) or old enough and wealthy enough to not need employment anymore. So it's not really because I can afford not to live in a tent so much as socialization.. and probably the same is true with eating insects. If it suddenly became cool to eat raw insects people would do it and spend more for it even if it's pretty gross.. like sushi.

Comment: Re:They're gross looking (Score 1) 655

by MikeFM (#44430045) Attached to: What's Stopping Us From Eating Insects?
Ever tried to buy nutrition sticks? It's not the easiest thing to do. Try to find a pill, stick, or something like that that includes all the vitamins, protein, calories, etc that you need to live without any additional food. All I've seen were either missing major elements or cost so much as to not really be worth eating instead of food. I guess other than geeky people that aren't supposed to eat anything they actually like anymore there isn't a large market for nutrition sticks. Heck, I have clerks at the grocery store ask me what turnips are when I buy them so I guess they sell a lot more packaged stuff loaded with carbs and artificial flavors.

Comment: Re:Good Question (Score 1) 655

by MikeFM (#44429907) Attached to: What's Stopping Us From Eating Insects?
Have you ever tried to BBQ a fly? It's extremely difficult to get it to come out with the right flavor and tends towards being to crunchy. And you just don't get that nice chewy texture! Heck finding buns to fit hot dogs is hard enough without finding buns to fit extruded bug guts. I don't really care what my food is made of so long as it's mashed into a nice faceless shape, bleached, dyed, and has lots of preservatives and artificial flavors added. If it doesn't eat you first or slap you then you can eat it.

Comment: iMac Frankenscreens (Score 1) 375

by MikeFM (#42915575) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Is Your Favorite Monitor For Programming?
Generally I just get the biggest baddest iMac as my main monitor, chain in an assortment of other monitors of different resolutions and quality, and hook my phones, tablets, and laptops to all act as additional monitors. If feeling extra geeky hook up some little screens via Arduino and maybe some projectors.

Comment: Digital currency better than sales tax. (Score 1) 297

by MikeFM (#42915351) Attached to: Congress Takes Up Online Sales Tax
Why not just let the idea of sales tax die and instead create a real digital currency similar to debit cards and let the government collect those fees instead of banks. There are reasons we decided on a national currency in the first place and those points apply to digital money as well as paper money and banks sure haven't shown themselves to be all that responsible. Banks do a good job of screwing both merchants and consumers and making their digital currency very un-democratic so not only would it be good to let the government collect these fees in lieu of taxes but it'd also be easy to improve on the current situation.

Comment: Re:No shit sherlock (Score 0, Flamebait) 500

It really comes down to the founders of the companies. Microsoft has taken on the personality of Bill Gates - lacks imagination, cares more about money than good products, etc. Apple has taken on the personality of Steve Jobs with a little bit of Woz thrown in - obsessive compulsive about solid products with good design, outwardly controlling but hacker friendly at heart. The reason Apple is kicking ass right now is because it does such a good job at constantly producing products that work well, look good, and don't change dramatically all the time. They may not have the highest specs at any given time but the user knows what to expect and that they can expect a pretty good device. When people say Apple is evil it just tells me they don't own any Apple products and know nothing of Apple's history. They're usually wannabe nerds that can barely use anything other than Windows and usually they think their awesome at Linux because they've managed to install the flavor of the month baby distro. They think hacking is taking a device that was expressly made for being hacked and following step by step directions. Probably they have absolutely no sense of taste either - they think their Dell Inspiron One is comparable to an iMac.

Comment: Re:no opt-out either (Score 2) 406

by MikeFM (#39048171) Attached to: AT&T On Data Throttling: Blame Yourselves
I still have my doubts about the claims that an iPhone costs $600 when a comparable iTouch costs $200.. for a 3G antennae and a better camera? And it seems I've read that the better camera doesn't cost very much more and should just be included in the iTouch too.. so how much does that 3G antennae cost?

Comment: Re:It's all the customers' fault... (Score 5, Informative) 406

by MikeFM (#39048089) Attached to: AT&T On Data Throttling: Blame Yourselves
As somebody that had an unlimited data plan for a couple years.. AT&T already has this down. My unlimited data plan on my iPad, with a solid 3G connection, struggled to pull down data fast enough to pull down a simple web page or email. So when are they going to refund money to people with unlimited plans that didn't get what they paid for?

Comment: Re:None of it ever happened. Marketing Hype. (Score 1) 233

by MikeFM (#37294304) Attached to: Did Apple Impersonate Police To Recover the Lost iPhone 5?
But if it were a PC company they'd have real cops dressed in shiny neon colored sexy cop outfits spouting how their software will finally make your hardware happy. C'mon people, Apple can afford to hire real cops to rough people up. And they'll make sure they look damn good while they do it - not tacky like their PC knockoffs' copycat cops.

Comment: Re:The book is in the mail (Score 1) 210

by MikeFM (#37158318) Attached to: Bookstores May Boycott New Amazon-Published Books
First Amazon replaced my local bookstores with selection. Amazingly I could actually buy the book I wanted when I wanted it. Then they were substantially cheaper. Then they could deliver within two days with free shipping. And Amazon can offer varied reviews by multiple customers and recommendations based on other customers. Of course iBooks has replaced Amazon for most fiction for me but Amazon is still my resource for non-fiction. More importantly Amazon has replaced Walmart as my goto source for just about everything else. Again because of selection, price, and the useful additional information they provide. Now what I need is a place that recycles delivery boxes.

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