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Comment: Re:Algorithms (Score 0) 161

by MikeBabcock (#48535669) Attached to: Why Apple, Google, and FB Have Their Own Programming Languages

You can write network code in Java, certainly a lot of people do, but its lack of unsigned types makes simple network address/mask calculations much more complicated than necessary.

You can implement a 3D game in Python, but its interpreter and memory management is going to make it much less efficient than the same game in C++.

You certainly could write a gene sequencing package entirely in ARM assembly language, but it would be hell to debug and would take a lot longer than necessary.

Just because every Turing complete language is functional doesn't make them equivalently suitable for specific uses.

Comment: Re:Cult (Score 1) 488

by MikeBabcock (#48510473) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Non-Coders, Why Aren't You Contributing To Open Source?

So true. Years ago I attempted to be an active participant in the Gnome UI group -- it turns out unless we agreed with the leaders, our opinions were invalid anyway.

The problem with Open Source is frequently also its detriment -- pretty good software written by a handful of brilliant people who have the social aptitude of a small snail. When others then try to join and change the project, they have absolutely no way or willingness to assimilate those comments and suggestions into the actual software.

I say this as a programmer myself who really hates having to deal with users some days, but without their input, most all software would suck.

Comment: Re:Shyeah, right. (Score 1) 284

by MikeBabcock (#48469407) Attached to: Is LTO Tape On Its Way Out?

We also use hard drives for backups. We make sure we do weekly read tests on drives and that the data is actually valid. We also run a SMART check on each backup disk before it is used and replace and destroy the ones that fail. The only bad part about hard drive backups is secure high speed interfaces for off-site devices.

Comment: Re:Liberals are Egoistical Maniacs (Score 1) 330

by MikeBabcock (#48337617) Attached to: Reactions To Disgusting Images Predict a Persons Political Ideology

That final paragraph is precisely the debate every rational pro-life person I know wishes would happen, and yet it gets stiffled continually by so-called "women's rights" which are supposedly being trampled.

Once upon a time, women weren't allowed to vote, and letting them vote would've trampled "men's rights" ...
Once upon a time, slaves were forced to labour in fields for no pay, and allowing them fair treatment would have trampled on "owners' rights" ...

Having a tough conversation about where a woman's rights truly end and where the unborn child's begin isn't happening and it should. We may decide as a culture that children have no rights to live until they're 2 years old; we may instead decide that 5 months after conception is a viable human life that deserves recognition. Unfortunately this discussion is simply being stifled.

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