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Comment: Re:Simple solution (Score 3, Insightful) 453

by MikeBabcock (#48909529) Attached to: Police Organization Wants Cop-Spotting Dropped From Waze App

We don't; have you ever even tried to get involved in your community's police decisions? Its hard. The police convince citizens that certain things are important; we use them as the experts to determine their own worth and then pay them for that expertise and for the work in question. Police services are very rarely doing what citizens have asked them to do but instead what they've determined is the best way to keep their jobs.

Comment: Re:BULLSHIT (Score 1) 567

You obviously don't write software for a living. It takes effort to redirect people to an unmaintained code base and have them both write and investigate possible side-effects of their patch and then deploy it in a format that's usable by all the manufacturers with devices out there. Its an actual cost to an actual company doing actual business that just isn't worthwhile.

Being an open OS, there's nothing stopping Motorola, Samsung or LG from patching their own versions of 4.3 either, just as they modified it with their UI and other extensions. Feel free to whine to them instead; unless you bought a Nexus device, they sold you the phone, Google didn't.

Comment: Re:Nice troll (Score 1) 567

Yes, it is, you can download the source code, root your phone, compile and install your own fix any time you want. Paranoid Android, Cyanogen and a dozen other options exist. Human laziness and the fact that manufacturers are trying to lock you out of doing such things notwithstanding, Android is pretty open.

Comment: Re:Nice troll (Score 1) 567

My point was that only the Galaxy Nexus *could* get updated by Google, because they have the ability to do so. I think you believe too strongly in conspiracy theories to realize this is about not wasting energy on something that's nearly pointless to try and fix.

Their tablets have more RAM than the Galaxy Nexus; though you can easily install Cyanogen or Paranoid Android on it instead.

Comment: Nice troll (Score 4, Insightful) 567

Like everyone else reporting on this story, it completely misses the point -- there's no *point* in Google writing a patch, none of the hardware companies involved would ever bother to deploy it. They have *no* control over that bit of code in your phone unless you're running a Nexus device.

Comment: Re:OpenNTPD: 4 Out Of 5 Stars (Score 1) 79

by MikeBabcock (#48779181) Attached to: OpenBSD Releases a Portable Version of OpenNTPD

I use NTPD's ntpdate on boot to sync my clock and then leave it running while the system is up to manage drift.

On the LANs I administer, I usually configure at least one box as an NTP server for the network so I don't have everyone and their dog sending unnecessary UDP packets out to the Interwebs.

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