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Comment: Something similar already in use in the UK (Score 1) 151

by Mike99 (#35590196) Attached to: New FBI System IDs People By Voice, Iris, More

Headline should read "Salesman successfully convinces FBI to buy expensive, unproven system off the back of some big promises".

The Lantern Project is a mobile fingerprint scanner already in use in the UK: NPIA I've seen it being used in the field on a reality TV show called "Police Interceptors" (yes, edited clips to make the Police look good)....the one time it confirmed a driver was who they said they were when they had no id on them. The other time the copper said, "no, you are actually Frank Smith, date of birth xxx", the suspect confirmed this and was arrested for outstanding warrants.

Comment: Re:Any landing you walk away from... (Score 1) 280

by Mike99 (#11809670) Attached to: GlobalFlyer 'Round The World Solo Flight Takes Off
I hope they have a few air strips along the way that are long enough for the flyer to land successfully - you know, in case of emergency.

I'm sure landing would not be a problem. A large amount of the weight at take off would be fuel. After jettisoning any fuel this plane could land on a regular size runway anywhere in the world.

Air pollution is really making us pay through the nose.