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Comment Re:Wrong image in second link? (Score 1) 130

Bad Astronomy talks about the odds of getting killed by one as 1:700,000.

I thought that 700,000 number looked suspiciously low, but when allowing for a "humanity extinct" situation, the large population cancels out the small chance to some extent. I wonder what problems we spend an inordinate amount of resources on that are less of a threat. Intuitively, once every 100,000,000 years seems like nothing to worry about, but the damage is unimaginable. It seems like the inverse at the other end of the scale from the "don't worry about driving but afraid to get on a plane" thing.

Comment They can probably sell 300 (Score 2) 276

They're talking about putting in an engine w/ 300-400 hp, which doesn't sound like a huge number, but the original car weighed 2700 lb. If they're close to that weight with a decent transmission it will be damn fast.

I can see a few problems though. The original frame/engine mount only had to deal w/ 130 hp, so probably some modifications needed there. The weight distribution was 35/65 front/rear. With a presumably heavier engine/transmission and anything else needed back there that ratio could get problematic.

Comment In the 60's scientists were sexist (Score 1) 133

Vera Rubin, who did a lot of the early research on dark matter, was not allowed to use the telescope at Caltech specifically because of her gender (eventually the policy did change). Also prevented from enrolling in Princeton's graduate astronomy program because women were not allowed until 1975.

Comment Emacs M-x shell (Score 1) 352

Allows all of the Emacs search/copy/paste/etc. functions.

Killer feature is: run a command with 40 pages of output; do incremental backwards search to jump to different things. (Optionally copy a section of output and paste into another Emacs buffer.) All without having to touch the mouse.

Many people don't realize how much time they waste visually scanning lengthy output without that feature (and grep is frequently not a good substitute for searching.)

Comment my system (Score 1) 558

Intel 4970s
Gigabyte motherboard w/ thunderbolt
2 GTX970s
2 ~1TB SSDs
2560x1440 monitor

Used for gaming and music production. I thought 32GB was a lot of RAM when I first put the system together, but it runs out quick when loading up a bunch of sample libraries in the Cubase (the music program.) Definitely would have gone to 64GB if I was doing it again.

The SLI video card setup is cool when it works, but a few games don't use both cards, or there are glitches.

Thunderbolt doesn't work too well. I don't know if that's a Windows problem or the drivers for the specific hardware.

Comment Re:Never Ever Trust managers or the company. (Score 2) 583

Not always true.

I've worked for more than one company that treated their employees well even when it wasn't directly in their best interest. Companies are run by people and not all of them are greedy sociopaths.

Maybe that's a bit of advice for the OP: "Don't accept that things are always as bad as what cynical /. posters say."

Comment Sense Of Entitlement (Score 1) 618

If you don't like the ads on a site, don't visit that site. If enough people do that, site operators will figure out the types of ads people tolerate and those they don't. Ad blocking isn't 'stealing', but it is mildly sociopathic: "I want what I want and screw the people providing it."

I find ads as annoying as the next person, but that's how a lot of stuff I want to see is funded, so it only seems fair to accept them. Pretty much every 3+ comment here is pro adblocking.

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