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Comment: Re:Where's OLED, Plasma, eInk and Projector? (Score 1) 424

by Mike Zilva (#39739759) Attached to: Power-Saving Web Pages: Real Or Myth?
Try to repeat the test with a Galaxy Tab 7.7 (AMOLED screen resulting in best picture quality in tablets at the moment) and see the real difference it makes in power usage. I would love to see a fast change in content designers to start using black as background for all digital content, at least give us an option to do so without add-ons that may break all the color interaction...

Comment: Where's OLED, Plasma, eInk and Projector? (Score 1) 424

by Mike Zilva (#39739669) Attached to: Power-Saving Web Pages: Real Or Myth?
Just 2 obsolete technologies being tested? OLED is the future in Picture quality and energy saving, so where is this technology represented there? there are 15" OLED LG's TV's and there will be 55" from Samsung and LG later this year. Plasma also have best picture quality for big TV's at the moment. I'm sure Plasma, OLED and CRT (all emissive technologies with better Picture quality) can save a big part of energy when showing large dark screen areas. I'm tired of white backgrounds for everything in computers trying to replicate the paper. But unlike paper, computer monitors emit light and we keep hours staring at them :(

Comment: 5 years wating for a low backlight with 1200 lines (Score 1) 1140

by Mike Zilva (#33817794) Attached to: Why Are We Losing Vertical Pixels?
About 5 years ago I got a 20" 4:3 1600x1200 LCD and have been searching for a new IPS LCD for the past 2 years, but either they are too bright for a dark room (even with the minimum brightness) or resolution can't match the 1200lines I'm aleready using :( Or the few (16:10) that match those requirements are like 10x more expensive :( Is it so hard to make backlight dimable below 100cd/m2 !?! I've aleready bought one and sent it back beacause diming down the brightness only adjusted the palete and not the backlight (gray instead of blacks) stupid manufacturers. This way I might end up buying an OLED in a few years time... (but again I suspect vertical resolution will be the lower 1080 lines :(

Comment: In Europe Android still has no free turn-by-turn (Score 1) 300

by Mike Zilva (#30855632) Attached to: Nokia To Make GPS Navigation Free On Smartphones
Lets hope this will push google to offer turn-by-turn GPS navigation in Europe. I'm sure the Nexus One will be more expensive after tax in EU, so it doesn't make much sense. Hum.. what if I buy a Droid and drive by car to Europe, will turn-by-turn stop working at some point and multi-touch kiks in? anyways I always have my multi-touch steering wheel :P

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