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Comment Simple solution (Score 1) 361 361

If the web site requires some sort of login, and denies me the ability to use LastPass to manage that login, I do not use that website. No discussion, no arguments, my mind is entirely made up, closed, and locked on this point. I will find someone else to do business with who doesn't think they know better than I do how to secure my access to their site.

Comment Re:Paranoia (Score 1) 431 431

Been there, done that, any statute of limitations expired over a quarter of a century ago. And nitrogen triiodide is absolutely not stable when wet. It is more stable when wet than when dry, but I observed some going off, all by itself, in the bottom of a beaker of water sitting on my bookshelf. And the paper towel I was filtering the stuff through earlier that day were sopping wet when some of it went off and spattered me from head to foot with the stuff. Every step was snap, crackle, pop for the next 90 minutes or so.

Comment Bad system design (Score 5, Insightful) 331 331

It should not be possible to make 911 calls and spoof the source as somewhere else. I'm sure "swatting" never occurred as a potential threat to anyone when the 911 system was being built, but it's pretty dang obvious now, and the vulnerability needs to be closed before some idiot's use of it gets someone killed. (Or someone else killed... have there been any deaths caused by swatting? I wouldn't be surprised, but I don't recall one.)

Comment Yeah, probably an accident (Score 1) 213 213

I run into the same thing with my Yahoo address. It's not a very common name... but there's somebody who thinks (or, at one time, thought) that it was his email address. I've gotten emails from his daughter complaining about the kids at school bugging her, Olan Mills appointment confirmations, saxophone enthusiast newsletters, Gamestop emails saying how many points he's earned buying stuff from them. The last one I got was a Fedex delivery confirmation for somewhere over a thousand miles from me; I printed out the confirmations and sent them to him snail-mail, telling him he had the wrong address. I never heard back from him on that (hey, he does have an email address for me) but the misdirected emails seem to have stopped, too.

I'd have thought telling the daughter she was emailing the wrong address would have done it, but nothing she sent acknowledged that... either she's very young and didn't understand, or maybe someone was running some kind of sting against this other guy.

So... yeah, probably just misdirected, but keeping track of your credit reports, and informing the cable company, would be a good idea.

Comment Let me edit my... (Score 1) 188 188

"Reasons to never ever move to Chicago" file...

$ vi reasons-to-never-ever-move-to-chicago.txt







dang... how many pages are there?





Shoulda' done this to start with.


wait... wait... wait...

ERROR: /tmp file system full

... crap.

Comment Anonymous business == spammer/scammer (Score 1) 86 86

There are a few exceptions. A few. A legitimate business, though, almost always has some sort of presence in the the real world, and wants customers to be able to contact them to transact business. If a business wants to be anonymous, fine, but don't expect me to do business with you. A business with a "privacy protected" whois is inherently very, very suspicious to me.

Comment Re:Phase out fossil-fueled power plants by midcent (Score 1) 308 308

If you are espousing 0 emission energy in the next 35 years, and you don't mention nuclear as a necessary component, then you are lying.

He's typical of the "we can run industrial civilization on sunny days when the wind is blowing energy" types... Arithmetic denialist.

Comment Re:Spamassassin and Greylisting.. (Score 1) 269 269

There's a reason that SpamAssassin is a core component to so many commercial spam filters.

I've been using Gmail for years, and have it popping my mail from a couple of other accounts, or setting them to forward it. For email sent directly to my Gmail address, their spam filtering seems pretty good, but for forwarded or popped email, they get way too many false positives. Their filtering sees the IP address the mail is being popped or forwarded from as the "connecting address" for SPF, DKIM, etc., testing. This is a rather large pain in the butt. There's no way I have found to tell Gmail "These IP addresses are to be considered trusted forwarders for my email." The other conveniences of using Gmail are keeping me there, though. So far.

My old shell account email uses Mailguard, which is yet another SpamAssassin based filter, and it's pretty good, but I do get some false positives, at least, when I set it to the most aggressive setting. The thing I like best about it is that I can view my spam quarantine sorted by SpamAssassin score. Skim the low scoring ones; all the false positives are going to be there.

Comment Orbital plane changes (Score 4, Informative) 59 59

This would probably be useful only for groups of satellites in the same orbital plane. The application that comes to mind is all the satellites in increasingly crowded geostationary ("Clarke") orbit, with the orbital plane going through the equator. Orbital plane changes are one of the most expensive maneuver there are in orbit. (This was one of the criticisms of the movie "Gravity". The only way a space shuttle can get from the Hubble's orbit to the ISS orbit is to land and get re-launched into the proper orbital plane. Doing it in a backpack? Ludicrous.)

A satellite repair bot making its rounds through Clarke Orbit could be extremely useful.

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