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Comment Re:Ah, science teachers (Score 1) 168

Heh... My favorite science teacher back in high school blew out the fume hood with a zinc dust/sulfur reload of an Estes model rocket engine. One of his demos had two police officers bursting into the room. (That one was actually completely harmless; he was demoing electrolysis of water, bubbling the stoichiometric results through soapy water, and lighting the bubbles to the delight of all. Made a crack like a .22. It just so happened that there had been some riots earlier, so there was police presence in the school, and when they heard what sounded like a .22...)

The last straw, I think, was the accidentally dropped bottle of butyric acid. Harmless enough, but... the smell... He didn't come back the next year, alas. He was enrolled in a PhD program last I heard.

Comment Re:Just a harmless drone this time (Score 1) 168

Well, due to all those Hollywood movies which portray tarantulas as deadly, and a pretty high level of arachnophobia being widespread anyway, and those things inherently generating a "<REDACTED> HUGE SPIDERS!!!!" reaction in the unsuspecting... they may be harmless (for getting jabbed with fangs the size of icepicks, regardless of their venom being ineffective on humans levels of harmless) but in the words of Ray Stevens hilarious song "Sittin' Up with the Dead"... they can sure make you hurt yourself.

Comment This is a surprise? (Score 1) 370

A website devoted to facilitating betrayal and violation of trust betrays its users and violates their trust? (I'm talking about the fake "remove your data for $$" service mostly, but also the really pathetic security.) I'm ... shocked, shocked. Not. I might pass out from not surprised.

If you would be harmed by something being on the front page of the New York Times, don't put it on the Internet. Period. Ever.

Comment Re:Attack from the other direction (Score 1) 528

There are a number of domains that people post links to on Facebook that I've banned from my newsfeed because of their evil scream-in-your-face ad behavior. Yeah. Make the ads on your page offensive enough, and I'll ban your whole domain and never go to it again. (It helps that the sites that do this are pretty solidly all crap sites anyway.)

Comment Re:Damn (Score 1) 528

Mod parent up. I was going to make the same suggestion -- blockers that go "stealth", pretend to load the ad and don't display it or run its filthy malware-laden scripts.

I've never used an ad-blocker, but I do use NoScript. Occasionally I go to one of those gadzillions of web pages with several dozen different scripts from different domains, where I don't know which ones I have to enable in order to see the content, so I hit "temporarily allow all", and I get one of those horrific "jump in your face and scream a sales pitch at you" abominations... Usually when I'm up late and my wife's asleep... So I'm beginning to reconsider not just blocking ads altogether.

Comment Re:2035?? (Score 1) 231

I've driven in Boston and Seattle. Give me Seattle any day. Or San Francisco, or Los Angeles, or even Atlanta.

Boston has bad driving of the sort I've only seen elsewhere in silly YouTube videos of the "Look how crazy they drive in $thirdWorldCountry, how are any of them still alive?" sort.

Comment Re:Passed data with a ton of noise? (Score 3, Funny) 391

I got into this with an audiophule type a few years ago. He, with a completely straight face, asserted that double-blind testing was an inherently flawed methodology for evaluating the objective marvelosity of some silly audiophule crap he was touting. (This obviously being some entirely new definition of the word "objective" that I was previously unacquainted with.) In that case it was 12-gauge solid copper speaker cables at $$$$$/foot. I said "And that is different from $0.12/foot Romex... how, exactly?" He started going on about how these things were oxygen-free rectangular cross section, hand-forged by the Kebler Elves with tiny silver hammers... and then summarily dismissed double-blind testing when I suggested it.

Comment Simple solution (Score 1) 365

If the web site requires some sort of login, and denies me the ability to use LastPass to manage that login, I do not use that website. No discussion, no arguments, my mind is entirely made up, closed, and locked on this point. I will find someone else to do business with who doesn't think they know better than I do how to secure my access to their site.

Comment Re:Paranoia (Score 1) 431

Been there, done that, any statute of limitations expired over a quarter of a century ago. And nitrogen triiodide is absolutely not stable when wet. It is more stable when wet than when dry, but I observed some going off, all by itself, in the bottom of a beaker of water sitting on my bookshelf. And the paper towel I was filtering the stuff through earlier that day were sopping wet when some of it went off and spattered me from head to foot with the stuff. Every step was snap, crackle, pop for the next 90 minutes or so.

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