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Comment Re:Don't take yours in. (Score 1) 411

Returning one that doesn't work properly is substantially more difficult with toilets. I bought one, one of this highest rated for "flushing ability" short of the noisy pressurized type, and after months of flush six times, plunger, flush six more times, give up and fill up a two-gallon bucket to pour in...

I extended the overflow pipe in the tank and raised the water level an inch. Now, it works fine. And uses less water over all, because it's not six times as much water as before.

Comment Remember the kid who wrote a story about zombies? (Score 1) 956

There was another social media firestorm about school administration stupidity a while back... A kid wrote a story about a zombie invasion for an English class assignment, someone thought he was writing about shooting up the school, massive overreaction, what a bunch of idiots traumatizing this poor kid for no reason...

Then, much latter, it turned out that very little in the story as blasted around social media had any factual basis. It was not a story. There was no English class assignment. He actually had tried to recruit accomplices. There actually was reason to be alarmed.

Now, I have no idea whatsoever if there was any legitimate reason for anything that happened here. Clearly, they knew it wasn't actually a bomb, but did the kid jokingly say "Oh, yeah, it's a bomb, ha ha ha"? No idea. I can easily imaging school administration stupidity on the level portrayed in the story as it's being told by the kid, his family, and his lawyer. But like in the other case, the other side is seriously limited in what they can say. When everything comes out, this may end up being as big an embarrassment for the people who go flying off the handle over some social media flurry as the previous case was.

Comment Re:Ah, science teachers (Score 1) 179

Heh... My favorite science teacher back in high school blew out the fume hood with a zinc dust/sulfur reload of an Estes model rocket engine. One of his demos had two police officers bursting into the room. (That one was actually completely harmless; he was demoing electrolysis of water, bubbling the stoichiometric results through soapy water, and lighting the bubbles to the delight of all. Made a crack like a .22. It just so happened that there had been some riots earlier, so there was police presence in the school, and when they heard what sounded like a .22...)

The last straw, I think, was the accidentally dropped bottle of butyric acid. Harmless enough, but... the smell... He didn't come back the next year, alas. He was enrolled in a PhD program last I heard.

Comment Re:Just a harmless drone this time (Score 1) 179

Well, due to all those Hollywood movies which portray tarantulas as deadly, and a pretty high level of arachnophobia being widespread anyway, and those things inherently generating a "<REDACTED> HUGE SPIDERS!!!!" reaction in the unsuspecting... they may be harmless (for getting jabbed with fangs the size of icepicks, regardless of their venom being ineffective on humans levels of harmless) but in the words of Ray Stevens hilarious song "Sittin' Up with the Dead"... they can sure make you hurt yourself.

Comment This is a surprise? (Score 1) 372

A website devoted to facilitating betrayal and violation of trust betrays its users and violates their trust? (I'm talking about the fake "remove your data for $$" service mostly, but also the really pathetic security.) I'm ... shocked, shocked. Not. I might pass out from not surprised.

If you would be harmed by something being on the front page of the New York Times, don't put it on the Internet. Period. Ever.

Comment Re:Attack from the other direction (Score 1) 528

There are a number of domains that people post links to on Facebook that I've banned from my newsfeed because of their evil scream-in-your-face ad behavior. Yeah. Make the ads on your page offensive enough, and I'll ban your whole domain and never go to it again. (It helps that the sites that do this are pretty solidly all crap sites anyway.)

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