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Comment: What about the skin temp ? (Score 1) 201

by Mike Sheen (#43633627) Attached to: USAF Hypersonic Scramjet Successfully Scrams
I'm no aerospace engineer, but I imagine the temperature of the aircraft skin would get hot pretty quick at such speeds. What materials is this craft made of, and how do they combat the problems of heat caused by air rushing so quickly over the aircraft ? Making an engine work in short bursts is one thing, making an aircraft capable if withstanding that velocity through atmosphere is another.
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+ - Whirlpool Founder Sued By Software Manufacturer

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "The founder of Whirlpool, an Australian forum for broadband and internet discussion, with nearly 190,000 registered users, is being sued by an accounting software company that had their software bagged out by users commenting on the forum. This type of litigation seems to happen a bit in the US, but it's all new for Australia. The papers were apparently served last night, and it's all over the media Down Under this morning. This looks as though it's going to be a huge bunfight that is going to have its every move covered by the media here. And the ramifications if Whirlpool lose this case are enormous for Australian internet users."

+ - Broadband forum sued over user comments

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weighn writes "PC World (Australia) and The SMH report that "A software firm is suing a community website over comments published on its forum. 2Clix is suing the owner of the popular broadband community site Whirlpool, Simon Wright, for "injurious falsehood", asking for $AUS150,000 in damages and an injunction requiring Whirlpool to remove forum threads highly critical of 2Clix's accounting software.
Dale Clapperton, chairman of the online users lobby group Electronic Frontiers Australia, said 2Clix was using the law to silence its critics. Whirlpool users have begun donating money to the site to help Wright cover any legal costs."

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