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The Almighty Buck

Journal Journal: What?!?

Amazing how Republicans have managed to take over both houses of Congress along with the Presidency. The mantra of "cut taxes" and "homeland defense" covered up so much else. Freedoms in so many areas are being taken away. How a few percent in taxes can trump that boggles my mind.

Does anyone remember that when Bush et al started talking about the "homeland" they were almost laughed off the news? Bush seems to be brainwashed, and whenever he talks, other people start thinking the same way. I can't stand listening to the guy -- gives me a headache.

Yeah, taxes suck, and raising them should be avoided whenever possible. However, I think it's cheaper to support poor families rather than locking them up.

When Lewinsky happened, and then Clinton bombed in Kosovo, every reporter yelled "Wag the Dog! Wag the Dog!" Maybe that movie needs to be re-released.. So many lousy reporters are barely worth the air they breathe these days..

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