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Comment: Re:CRC (Score 1) 210

by Mike Domanski (#42297739) Attached to: Denial-of-Service Attack Found In Btrfs File-System
From the linked blog:

Directories are indexed in two different ways. For filename lookup, there is an index comprised of keys:

Directory Objectid | BTRFS_DIR_ITEM_KEY | 64 bit filename hash

The default directory hash used is crc32c, although other hashes may be added later on. A flags field in the super block will indicate which hash is used for a given FS.

Sounds like btrfs uses a CRC as a hash. I assume it's a performance optimization, but using CRC as a hash is insane.

Comment: Re:WHAT!?!?!?! (Score 1) 637

by Mike Domanski (#37135634) Attached to: Coming Soon, Shorter Video Games
The original Metal Gear Solid had a feature like the one you describe. When resuming from a save, it gave you the option of reading a "Mission Log" consisting of a paragraph or two of text. Here's an example of one:

After meeting up with Meryl, Snake gets the detonation code emergency override key from her. However, she only had one of the three keys To stop the nuclear attack, one must deactivate the detonation code or destroy Metal Gear itself. Snake and Meryl head for the underground maintenance base where Metal Gear is being stored.
According to Meryl, there is no way other than going north from the Commander's room on the 1st floor basement in the nuclear warhead storage building.

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