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Comment Re:Question: If we had such a computer, or artific (Score -1, Offtopic) 127

there is no overcoming true assuredness... you are denying the existence of a true MAD situation and instead countering a perceived potential threat. such countering actions could very well trigger the destruction you are acting to eliminate.

Comment hypocritical ignorant victim (Score -1, Troll) 448

Who in their worst nightmares would could have thought that anyone could stoop to do what he did?

the "would could could" aside.... REALLY? in your WORST nightmares people aren't stooping low enough to commit homicide? no physical harm at all? a tarnished reputation later exonerated by a judge is your WORST nightmare? why do you think passwords exist? because accessing your account is something someone might do... having the password already acknowledges this threat...

i feel no remorse for a victim who would hypocritically exaggerate the truth to the media and attempt to exploit their reach to create more sympathy for yourself and more hatred towards the already convicted offender. you can't have it both ways. if you want to whine about someone using the media, don't turn your back and do the exact same thing with your own exaggerated hypotheticals.

how is this for a nightmare: what do you think this guy is going to do when he gets out in 12 years?

Comment Re:what happens... (Score 1) 237

as you continue to fail to muster the courage to reveal yourself, i find it ignorant and hypocritical that you would claim my assertion is false without simply revealing yourself to find out for sure. you enjoy being a coward and saying things as a coward would and never holding any responsibility for you actions? you don't think i can find you?

keep speculating, coward.... OR present yourself to me, admit what you've done, AND I WILL KILL YOU.

you are NOTHING

Comment Re:what about LATENCY? (Score 1) 179

is that including the transmission delay of the instruction pipeline? i agree 40ms is extremely usable for full duplex. right now i'm content with 250-300ms for one way live broadcasting with interactive chat.

what i'd really like is the highest quality video recording you can muster of you in an environment with 2 computers, one with a mic and one with a speaker... film yourself transcoding. i fully understand the DSP chip implementation should be better in terms of latency, but the quality of signal will probably not be any better, and will likely be worse as compromises are made to fit the chip architecture... i understand the limits of advertising TVs in a newspaper... but even youtube pretty accurately portrays a recorded environment.

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