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Comment: Cameras reduce problems for everyone (Score 4, Interesting) 455

by Mike Buddha (#47776845) Attached to: Should police have cameras recording their work at all times?

There was a story a few months back about a suburb of LA instituting a 100% camera policy and finding that the number of police brutality complaints dropping precipitously. The reasons for the drop were not as cut and dried as people will have you believe. A lot of complaints were dropped after the complainant was confronted with video and audio of the incident after the fact. Also, the officers were able to calm many situations down by simply stating that the entire incident was on camera and could be used as evidence in court.

Comment: Re: Probability of roll for advantage/disadvantage (Score 1) 203

by Mike Buddha (#47713801) Attached to: Fifth Edition Dungeons and Dragons Player's Handbook Released

I first learned about statistics from reading an article in Dragon magazine about doing a Chi-squared test to determine which of your dice rolls more favorably for you. I learned probability from playing D&D. Like it or not, the two are inexorably tied, and for some of us, that's part of the fun.

Comment: Re:5e: Best D&D, MHO (Score 1) 203

by Mike Buddha (#47713687) Attached to: Fifth Edition Dungeons and Dragons Player's Handbook Released

I really hated the paperwork involved with gaining a level in 3e & 3.5e. 3e was worse, though. What skills do you want to raise? Does that skill have any other skills that it synergizes with? Is the synergy active at this skill level? If so, do you want to spend less on that skill and more on another that doesn't have a synergy yet? Bah. I'm not interested in games that are as complicated as the tax code for no good reason. All the rules just slowed everything down. They added nothing to the gameplay. Nothing that couldn't be added by having a player make a DC modified by their class and level, that is.

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