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Comment: Re:Bottom Line: (Score 2) 351

by Mikawo (#46808541) Attached to: Google: Better To Be a 'B' CS Grad Than an 'A+' English Grad

Of all the companies that I've applied to (and I've applied to a lot), none really seemed to care about any work I've done. I have an application that has a couple hundred regular users (which I'd like to think is pretty damn good as far as obscure open source projects go) that I've been maintaining for the past year but this has not improved my prospects at all. I've also learned various technologies and started projects around them but all of it seems like an exercise in futility. The gross generalization that all you need is to have decent code samples to get a job seems like complete bullshit to me.

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by Mikawo (#46766389) Attached to: Your <em>StarCraft II</em> Potential Peaked At Age 24

Many studies suggest that the better players don't typically "see" the bad moves. If you ask a good player who's analyzed a position for a few minutes about a bad move, they will require more time to answer questions about the bad move.

This happens everywhere. Not just games. If you get so used to doing things in a certain way, thinking outside that box becomes more difficult.

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by Mikawo (#46702381) Attached to: Mozilla CEO Firestorm Likely Violated California Law

I have to agree. No matter how much of an asshole view a person has, they should be able to act on their belief within the law without being condemned for it. The thing that really gets me is that they took it to his employer. If you have a political problem, fight that problem on the political stage. Don't bring that crap to the workplace!

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by Mikawo (#44502765) Attached to: Is 'Fair Use' Unfair To Humans?

I'm trying to think of where education went wrong such that it produces people like you that think effort should be rewarded.

Students should not expect a grade of A on a test just because they tried hard. They should expect it because they produced a sufficient amount of correct answers. Likewise, an amateur carpenter should not expect to be paid more for a birdhouse he constructed just because it required more effort than would have been exerted by a skilled carpenter. The worth should represent the results and not the effort it took to produce them.

It is a shame that it is common practice to add the weight of effort into the value of a product and nobody stops to think twice about it.

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I think you are blowing it out of proportion. Just because a person was tracked as a child doesn't mean they won't know how to think for themselves. Have you never questioned the decisions your parents made when they raised you? I have on many occasions. In fact, I feel some of those methods were wrong and I'm set on NOT using them. Maybe you should give people more credit?

Even if a kid is tracked, they'll still be exposed to different ideas simply by going to school and interacting with other people. As they get older, go to college, etc., they will still be able to form their own opinions and determine for themselves what is right and wrong regardless of what their parents thought.

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by Mikawo (#39610787) Attached to: New CISPA Cybersecurity Bill Even Worse Than SOPA

For pete's sake, people, we're the people who run the central nervous system of the world. How is it that we psych ourselves out over stuff like this? We should be able to mold the government like putty.

I want to believe this can happen, but simply spouting these ideals on /. will not magically get the needed support. There is real organizational work to be done; not just a post in a public forum.

Browsing /., I've seen plenty of people who are expressing unrest at the U.S. government taking away our freedoms and some even hint at wanting a revolution. There is no shortage of people who would like their voices heard. The problem is that these voices are fleeting. Like your post and perhaps like mine, people will read and think, "Yeah, I agree with that!" but then they will go on about their business without really connecting with our ideals. If people don't commit, ideals will simply exist as wishful thinking and we end up standing alone.

It's true that there is power in numbers, but to gain those numbers, there must be a way for people to commit. This is why real organizational work must be done. There needs to be a highly visible resource that people can join; a resource that acts as a platform that together we can use to fight for our freedoms.

Ideally, the platform would aggregate issues that threaten our freedoms and provide information about the appropriate actions to take for each issue. People who have joined and are committed to the cause know that they are not alone and that they can take actions that will actually be meaningful.

I'm aware of various sites/petitions that try to inform about threats to our freedoms and some do provide info about possible actions to take, but I found that not only do they typically have poor visibility (some sites I've only found by chance), but they mostly only address specific issues and not the problem as a whole (i.e. government thinking they can take our freedoms). Since the sites only address specific issues, people are forced to scour the web looking for any new issues and they must manage all of that activity themselves. Let's face it: for the average person, this represents too much work. It doesn't mean they don't care at all, but just that they have other priorities in their life (like making a living). Simplifying the time consuming process of independent research into a single resource is bound to create more awareness and also increase participation.

Until a platform comes along to rally the people together, expect the strength of the people to go to waste. People are getting angry but so long as they do not gather together, their voices will not be heard.

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by Mikawo (#39593969) Attached to: MPAA Chief Dodd Hints At Talks To Revive SOPA

Because if you read the page, they have responded:

...the White House declines to comment on this petition because it requests a specific law enforcement action.

The site would be pretty cool if the administration actually kept their promise to address petitions after a number of signatures. I'm looking at the popular petitions and even though they have tens of thousands of signatures, they have not been addressed. I don't know. Maybe this is because signatures were added after the deadline, but why is there even a deadline? I think the fact that the signatures exceeded the threshold at all is reason enough to address the petition.

Another problem with the site is that your voice still doesn't make a difference. The things that do get addressed are typically of the form: "Oh, yes, that does seem to be an issue. Thanks for the input." In other words, "See, we're listening! We just don't particularly care about what you're saying."

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