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Submitted by Billly Gates
Billly Gates (198444) writes "A leaked alpha of Windows 9 has been brewing on the internet. Today a screenshot shows what MS showed us at BUILD which includes a start menu with additional tiny tiles for things like people, calendar, pc settings, and news etc. What the screenshot does show is it is much bigger than Windows7 taking 1/3 of the screen similar to the Start Screen which will show more apps (frequently used desktop apps) in addition to other features. Is this a shift for MS to fix Windows 8? Or do some of us who are really still used to XP and Windows 7 won't allow anything modern in it? Also what is unknown is the return of AERO, and how will Cortana fit voice control fit in?"
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Comment: Re:Nope, not gonna downgrade to Windows 9 (Score 2) 218

by Billly Gates (#47188269) Attached to: Microsoft Fixing Windows 8 Flaws, But Leaving Them In Windows 7

Actually Windows 9 will have HUGE impact on games as the DirectX will have mantle like performance where CPU waits on redraws are near gone. Trim in raid and PCI ssd is nice too and cortana ... Well we will see but I always wanted a system like the enterprise on star trek with voice.

Comment: Re:Still sticking with XP... (Score 1) 218

by Billly Gates (#47188241) Attached to: Microsoft Fixing Windows 8 Flaws, But Leaving Them In Windows 7

Except that programs are running faster on Windows XP than on Windows 7, because the OS take less CPU resources.

Bang! Idiot destroyed.

Yeah on a Pentium IV. On a modern i5 the same code will run faster as a new kernel supports better smp, page swap, ram buffers, and the runtimes use all your CPU instructions. Not part as XP had to run on Pentium IIs.

Comment: Re:Dear Microsoft.... (Score 0) 218

by Billly Gates (#47188213) Attached to: Microsoft Fixing Windows 8 Flaws, But Leaving Them In Windows 7

Am I in the minority of prefering the ribbon over crappy nested menus all over the place and mouse hover/ change preview?

It only took me a week to get used to it and I don't use open office because the menus are all so cumbersome.

Has Slashdotters aged into their 40s and hate change or perhaps many use Linux so much that adopting to ribbons never took place? I also like the keyboard shortcuts integrated into the ribbon when I hit alt. No mouse nor learning combos thanks to the visuals.

I have not heard anyone outside of Slashdot complain about the ribbon in years

Comment: Re: Speed is not the only thing. (Score 1) 57

Not true at all! My phenom II with a ati 7850 slows to a crawl with polygon counts in bf 4 and swtor in the imperial fleet. Guild members with i7s with lower end cards have double fps.

The card needs polygons fed to reach render and wait upon DirectX to redraw. A faster CPU is required

Comment: Re:Speed is not the only thing. (Score 1) 57

But the users of i7s are not the friendly receptionist at work or Grandma checking her FB. These are almost all gamers mixed with software developers and a few niches.

So yes CPU is important. If not then the rest of the normal users buy i3s and maybe an i5 if they have more cash and do heavy workflows. Unless you make 1 tb video edits or play Wolfenstein the average users won't see any benefit between a 4 core i5 or i7.

Comment: Extortion laws!! (Score 1) 185

by Billly Gates (#47140933) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Taking a New Tack On Net Neutrality?

A landlord can't say to UPS nice packages. It would be a shame if something happened to them before the tenants got em. Come let's talk? My uncle has a special insurance program to prevent accidents like this from happening.

That is extortion and interference with interstate commerce. Who the hell does Netflix have for their lawyers. ... Now for the poster mention liability costs. Netflix and the textbook companies won't take this standing down!

Comment: Re:Classify net access as a utility? (Score 2) 343

by Billly Gates (#47138763) Attached to: Comcast CEO Brian Roberts Opens Mouth, Inserts Foot

That is not the issue.

The issue is you do not have free speech like the mega telecoms do with a fleet of lawyers, lobbyists, and rolodexes of your supposedly representatives. Free speech is something that can buy a lot of things that you and I can not afford. Notice I did not say money or bribery.

As long as we have a corrupt government we ARE FREAKING DOOMED.

We have corn with pesticides from genetically engineered crops whose pollen cross contaminates everything which in high enough doses causes infertility. We have roads and bridges falling apart. We have teachers who can be fired for not teaching creationism as science in the classroom alongside evolution. This issue is just one symptom of many.

DO we need a revolution next? I mean the Tea Party was kind of like this but the Koch brothers have their hands in that now and they are nte ones threatening any GOP politician they will lose their job if they even acknowledge global warming exists!

Comment: Comcast requires HBO for internet access (Score 1) 343

by Billly Gates (#47138735) Attached to: Comcast CEO Brian Roberts Opens Mouth, Inserts Foot

I am pissed off. I am moving into a new apartment and my choices are centuryLink DSL which AT&T throttles or Comcast. If I go with Comcast I need to pay for cable TV with HBO tier to gain internet access for $99 a month. I do not even freaking own a TV??!@

Now I am still downthrottled on top of that!

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