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A lot of people who complain about government are people who would like to terminate most, if not all, labor protections. They bury that desire in ideological ruminations, and have convinced vast legions of rubes that the only good government is a non existent government, and somehow the magic of market forces will protect workers.

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by MightyMartian (#47715819) Attached to: Do Readers Absorb Less On Kindles Than On Paper? Not Necessarily

I agree completely. When I first started using an dreaded (an old LG keyboard phone with a JavaME spun reader I had hacked on to it) I found reading a bit of a chore. It took me a few days to get really comfortable with the seemingly small and yet ultimately pricing differences. Now I regularly read books on my smartphone and tablet without a hitch, and have noticed no recall problems.

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by MightyMartian (#47684975) Attached to: Email Is Not Going Anywhere

There is still some faxing going on at our office, but the ubiquitousness of easy-to-use scanners means more and more of the documents that we used faxes for are just being sent via email. We won a contract a few years ago and literally had the hundred page document faxed to us, and then we signed and witnessed the back sheet and sent it back via fax. The last amendment was done via email. When even the lawyers are walking away from fax machines, it is definitely a technology on the wane.

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by MightyMartian (#47681319) Attached to: Watch a Cat Video, Get Hacked: the Death of Clear-Text

Well, there have been a whole host of attacks associated with vulnerable versions of Flash and Java that could at least cripple a profile. I ran up against one of them around 2010. One of the staff at one of our remote locations suddenly had all their files supposedly disappear, desktop wiped out and the like, and a notification about a ransom if they wanted the files back. The user had no admin privileges, so I checked, and sure enough, the other profiles were untouched. What had happened is the auto updater for the workstation had failed.

Now, while it's true that the operating system itself was not compromised, and no other systems or users on the network were compromised, certainly there was enough control to potentially view confidential data on shared drives. While this was relatively unsophisticated ransomware, it did teach me than merely obsessing about privilege escalation does not lead to a secure system. User profiles and directories can still potentially be vulnerable even if the malware can't root the system.

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Silly bastards! You thought Unlimited meant Unlimited... When what it really meant was "This is an awfully good way to part some gullible fuckwit and his cash."

God bless America, where sociopaths not only succeed, but have in fact become masters of all they survey. Soon will be thanking them for harvesting our organs.

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The copyright part of the GPLv2 doesn't allow that remedy, but the GPL isn't just a statement of copyright, but is also a license, and the license part of the GPLv2, which you agree to if you use GPL code, does specify what must happen if GPLv2 code is incorporated.

And if software companies are suddenly saying licenses aren't enforceable, then wow, we've entered a brand new age.

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I have an uncle who is an extremely bright man... and insufferably arrogant and lazy. It's as if he has come to believe his high IQ is an end unto itself, and that somehow the universe was supposed to just bow down and hand him everything on a silver platter. He's an alcoholic who was abusive to his wife and kids (until she finally got up and left). But for years all I'd hear from my aunt was how awfully bright and tortured he was, and if you pointed out he'd barely made a living for years, you got some nonsense about him being a member of Mensa thrown in your face.

I have no idea what my IQ is, never really cared. Good at some things, struggle with others, but the one thing I'm not is a complete dick. I'll take happiness and a measure of success over some number on a piece of paper any day.

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