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Comment Obviously Chinese Espionage (Score 2) 18 18

I found the "Elderwood Framework" document interesting. A number of different hacker groups, including Black Vine had access to a surprisingly high number of zero day exploits. Looking at the primary targets defence, aeronautics, engineering, energy in the US and NGOs in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China, it makes sense that it is Chinese backed.

All the zero day exploits were IE, Flash and one Windows (XML core services).

Comment Re:Cars don't have headlights in England? (Score 3, Funny) 304 304

Yeah the six people probably died from Vitamin D deficiency, in England we don't get enough sun light and street lamps were installed to combat rickets. Looks like night time will be as gloomy as the day in England now, sigh.

Comment Street lamps don't help much (Score 2) 304 304

The debate has been ongoing for decades over how much street lamps reduce crime and vehicle accidents. My feelings are that they help a little in both these aspects of safety but not by much. When you consider the ongoing costs of electricity and other improvements that could have been made, street lights are not worth it.

After quickly reviewing the evidence I may have to change my opinion, slightly. This Swedish metanalysisfound that the 13 studies (8 American and 5 British), taken together,

showed that improved lighting led to a significant 21% decrease in crime in experimental areas compared with comparable control areas.

Dammit as a self described sceptic I will have to change my mind, but wait.

Since these studies did not find that nighttime crimes decreased more than daytime crimes

Yes the crime dropped, but for the studies which measured both day and night crime, both dropped by similar amounts. This suggests either the control areas are somehow different in some other way or more likely that street lamps give a perception of improvement and a more upmarket neighbourhood.

As a fan of the night sky and I find it unnatural to live in an orange glow, moon light is far more romantic I stand by my opinion that street lights should be concentrated in city centres, leave everywhere else dark.

Comment A plea for browsers to stop blocking autocomplete (Score 3, Insightful) 365 365

Websites have disabled autocomplete on password fields to prevent browser bases password managers from working. In response to this many browsers ignore autocomplete=off on password fields. I ran into this behaviour on a user administration screen, the browser was trying to fill in my password into the other users password field. I could not stop the browser from autofilling in the wrong password.

Comment Yea something other than JS (Score 2) 126 126

I like many other people are forced to work in JavaScript. It's not too bad a language if you are careful but it would be nice to have some choose when working with webpages.While at first it will be all JS they plan to expand WebAssembly to other languages which could be compiled to the bytecode. Hurrah!

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