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Comment A plea for browsers to stop blocking autocomplete (Score 3, Insightful) 364 364

Websites have disabled autocomplete on password fields to prevent browser bases password managers from working. In response to this many browsers ignore autocomplete=off on password fields. I ran into this behaviour on a user administration screen, the browser was trying to fill in my password into the other users password field. I could not stop the browser from autofilling in the wrong password.

Comment Yea something other than JS (Score 2) 126 126

I like many other people are forced to work in JavaScript. It's not too bad a language if you are careful but it would be nice to have some choose when working with webpages.While at first it will be all JS they plan to expand WebAssembly to other languages which could be compiled to the bytecode. Hurrah!

Comment Would this work for NiMH Rechargeable? (Score 1) 243 243

I now use NiMH AA batteries for almost everything, with the low discharge varieties like Eneloop/Panasonic I see no reason to use alkaline batteries which are, in the long term, more expensive and less environmentally friendly. However every so often I find a device which does not like NiMH batteries, presumable because they expect a voltage higher than 1.2V. If so this device could boost the voltage to 1.5V meaning I could use rechargeable batteries for everything.

Comment Gender: Nurture or Nature? (Score 1) 446 446

An interesting programme I watched was "Horizon: Is Your Brain Male or Female?". The title is a bit crap but some of the experiments were interesting, like the observation that Barbary macaques seemed to be drawn to toys along gender lines. The boys going for the cars while the female macaques preferring the dolls.

The most interesting experiment, I thought, was when they observed how adults treated babies. For instance they tended to treat the boys as more robust pushing them more in physical environments while being gentler with the girls. They dressed up the babies as boys or girls so the same child was treated differently when presented as a different gender.

I guess the general outcome was that it is a bit of both nurture and nature, as pretty much any complex thing is. My thought is that culture is the overriding factor, different cultures or times can choose whether a profession like nursing is "for" men or women.

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