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Comment: Re:This is good news! (Score 1) 554 554

Click on the little question mark. You get the following: tracks downloads for Firefox 4. When someone clicks the download button on or asks for an upgrade from inside Firefox, we approximate their location based on IP address and store anonymous aggregate location information in our database.

Comment: Re:AT&T is unlimited for most users (Score 1) 327 327

It appears that I am full of shit. The cap is 5GB/month and the overage charge is $0.25 a MB. I'd scan a copy of my bill, but it's not worth it for an internet fight.

This forum post corroborates my claims :"My bill indicates my plan is unlimited ... 5 GB limit?". Several other threads on the VZW board read similarly.

I've been attempting to get at the text of my actual contract, but it appears impossible to do from the website and I can't find the paper copy I was given.

Comment: Re:AT&T is unlimited for most users (Score 1) 327 327

I currently have an "unlimited" data plan from Verizon for my Droid. I actually get 2GB a month. I'm charged $5 a MB for anything beyond that.

I heard about the limit from someone else, but didn't bother checking the fine print in my contract. The clerk at the Verizon store did, reluctantly, verify it though.

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