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Comment ...better call Saul? (Score 1) 588

Seriously, this "electromagnetic hypersensitivity" is part of the plot of Better Call Saul, in that his brother is a hypochondriac recluse who stays shielded from EM...but it's not a real disorder. It's a psychiatric one.

As to what lawyer decided to make a real life case out of this after watching the show too much, I'm not sure..

Comment Re:It's unfortunate they have to shut down (Score 1) 223

Sorry, but your argument is ridiculous and does something to discredit your opinions in general here, because it is so illogical.

So you are cool with her being rejected for how she looks on the surface?

This is a false reduction of my argument into something that aligns it with racism/feminism etc, a very cheap example of "pulling the card;" but your argument is absurd.

"How she looks on the surface" does not mean her race, sexual orientation, gender or anything that is not her choosing. However, she chose to go into the bathroom, get out bleach, go and dye her hair pink. This is done as a statement, expressing her style; and is completely her choice. Would you hire someone who carved a swastika into their forehead or had a nice SS tattoo on their neck? Would that be rejecting them by how they look on the surface, or ist hat a choice they've made to send a bold statement with their appearance?

If not, then what's the difference between that and not hiring someone with pink hair because you think they are sending a statement that says "I'm independent/insubordinate and don't care what others think?"

Comment Re:It's unfortunate they have to shut down (Score 1) 223

Does she have good judgment? Looking at the picture of her on Ada Intiative's site, she seems to have dyed her hair pink.

Is that a good message to send to would-be developers/technologists? Dye your hair pink, go into interviews, watch as your shown the door for clearly caring more about being a hipster than having a good job.

Seriously, there are very few serious professional technologists who dye their hair flamboyant colors, regardless of gender.

Comment Re:Hurr durr (Score 1) 210

Here in San Francisco, almost all the public toilets not inside a building with security are immediately infested with homeless, drug addicts etc using them for whatever. I've never gone into one that wasn't absolutely flooded and disgusting -- in the rare instance they're available. Many homeless just decide to live in them and break off the door/close it etc. In public transit, they have signs that say "Restroom closed due to terrorism concerns." -- Yes, blame terrorism, not the homeless!
Basically, any area of privacy you leave open to the public ends up going this route in SF (as well as other cities). It has the awful side effect of making it very, very difficult to urinate if you're going around the city without going into a business and perhaps buying something, or finding a building with public restrooms.
Thus the tech bros and bums join each other in urinating everywhere.

Comment Re:LOL (Score 5, Insightful) 184

As someone who lives in San Francisco and is around these type of people, yes, they are doing far better financially. Many of them even lose touch with folks earning average amounts. They ask me why I still live in a one bedroom apartment, and then I inform them the average of $50k/year in rent is well more than half most engineers' post-tax income; and they still don't seem to understand.

The culture of Silicon Valley and California in general is to sound positive all the time and avoid the negative -- people would much rather say nothing or offer platitudes than say "no". This forms part of the problem leading to depression -- everyone is "fake" and say things for political reasons, constantly on social networking talking up their accomplishments and that of their company. Of course, most of it is smoke and mirrors. Also the tech scene can be very pretentious and it takes a lot to "keep up with the Joneses" and stay in the social circles they prize. It becomes too much for many and they become depressed and fade away, replaced at their companies by the VC board. And some willing 20-something then comes and tries to fill their shoes and the cycle repeats.

No one wants to hire a depressed person. No one wants to go on dates with a depressed person (well, at least not many people -- negative/depressed dating site profiles don't get many replies). So, they conceal it until they break with full knowledge that when they break, they'll simply be replaced or their company will simply fail.

Comment White vs Grey hat cont'd (Score 1) 33

Thank you Brian for taking the time to reply to my question. Perhaps including the "social engineering" language was a bit strong for the work you do, but "doxxing" is still very much something you do; and I didn't get much of a response on the ethics of doxxing. Let's use your Rescator doxx for example -- what makes these people OK to dox? Is it different when you dox them as opposed to a witch-hunt on Reddit, etc? Does having poor operational security make it OK to dox someone?

Comment White vs Grey Hat (Score 2) 53

Hey Brian,
I'm wondering what side of the fence you think you are on. Your readership and affilitations seem to be the mainstream "white-hat" security community; but many of your tactics can be described as grey-hat at best -- e.g. doxxing hackers/malware authors/spammers, using social engineering to obtain information, etc. It seems as though this is justified because it is used against targets you perceive as being immoral, unethical, and/or worthy of such intrusion. My question is: do you feel you are a white-hat hacker, or do you think your use of black-hat tactics against black hats makes you something different?

Comment Re:People are claiming a victory where there is no (Score 2) 176

It's kind of silly to call the two major parties in the United States either left-wing or right-wing. Political Scientists have studied the "party cleavages" of the Republicans and Democrats in great detail. In comparison to other states' party cleavages, an ordinal scale is created: 1 being a statist, far-far-right government (Nazis), and 10 being a communist, totalitarian state (far left, Stalin).

Due to the nature of the two party system, in order to gain the most votes the parties in the United States gravitate towards the center. How much so? The democrats are rated at a 4.8 (just slightly below centrist, hardly enough to describe as left-leaning), and Republicans at a 5.5 (just slightly above centrist) -- meaning both parties are quite similar and have only minor differences. In the end, they are both centrist parties.

In the United States, there are authentic left-leaning parties like the Green Party, and right leaning ones like the Conservative Party; but these never get enough votes to pass thresholds for campaign financing nor seats in a federal body like Congress.

In conclusion, the major parties of the United States are both centrist, and while their rhetoric might illustrate contrasts between them, in reality they are very close to each other in the political spectrum.

Comment Full Disclosure is the only way... (Score 2) 94

I've reported serious vulnerabilities to a number of companies in the past. Generally, they acknowledge receipt of the information but do nothing to fix the problem -- e.g. a race condition, a SQL injection vulnerability, etc etc. However, when I've posted information on reddit or other internet forums, the bugs tend to get fixed rather quickly.

Full disclosure may well be a necessary evil -- sure, it allows anyone for some period of time to exploit the vulnerability; but it sure ends up getting fixed. Companies will wait months and years to fix security bugs if there is no clear and present danger.

Any time I disclose a bug to a vendor, I now tell them in the e-mail they have five days to fix it; after that it will be publicly disclosed. And I always make good on the disclosure.

Comment Re:Cause of Death (Score 2) 176

Taking some time to google this, many others have the same question. The internet's working theory: It was suicide.

While this is pure speculation, it makes a lot of sense in the context of how shady the revelation of his death has been. Had it really been suicide, it completely discredits Sheryl Sandberg's "Lean In" book and much of her preaching. In addition, it shows a lot of the propaganda about him being such a nice guy and caring for the kids wasn't on loving father offs himself for selfish reasons before his children are of age.

There's also a deleted tweet that seems to indicate the couple was in DC, not in some undisclosed location "abroad," at the time of death. It makes sense to lie about this so people don't go getting records from DC about cause of death, autopsy, etc.

Comment Re:Cause of Death (Score 2) 176

I've been asking this question since seeing his death announcement -- coverage in the NYTimes and elsewhere has been nothing short of propaganda for him with zero mention of the reason for his death. Honestly, SurveyMonkey needs to go away..consumers are over-surveyed already; and it is the poster child for annoying, spammy messages for surveys that require a lot of time; I don't think this guy needs a state funeral.

So what happened? Extremely mega-rich (we're talking top percentile of the 1% here) people don't tend to just die suddenly in their mid-40s for no reason. Drugs? Murder? No one is saying anything; and I find this quite strange.

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