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Comment: Re:list (Score 1) 189

by Midnight Voyager (#30407548) Attached to: NYT's "Games To Avoid" an Ironic, Perfect Gamer Wish List
Arkham Asylum?! What?! Guys- that game is twisted. And brutal. The violence is BRUTAL. I mean, you're not slicing people apart, sure, you're just TWISTING THEIR LEG TO SNAP THEIR KNEE ALTOGETHER. Overlord 2? I guess they totally ignored the foursome... What the heck are these guys on? Do they even glance over these games before they put these lists up? (Answer: Obviously, no.)

Comment: So what? (Score 1) 590

by Midnight Voyager (#28933915) Attached to: Games Fail To Portray Gender and Ethnic Diversity
...So does classical literature. So do movies. So what? Look, I'm a chick and I really don't mind that there are not exactly 50% of games with female protagonists out there. I don't really CARE about the ethnicity/whatever of the character I play. If there's a choice, by all means, make your game allow for the choice of various different ethnicities, but if not... Seriously, I could not care less. The preset character I became closest to in a game? A nameless, scarred immortal MALE of indeterminate ethnicity. In other words, someone who was most certainly not me. If game designers could just focus on making a fleshed-out, well-dimensioned character, I'd be thrilled. I don't honestly care at all if the character looks like me, as long as I can connect with them. I wouldn't care if a game shipped with a main character that basically WAS me if it wasn't fleshed out well. There is an order to these things. First, fleshed out character. Somewhere around LAST, social diversity. Oh, and didn't you realize? We can't have kids or even sometimes innocent females or old people in games. Someone might kill them! Think of the goddamn children! Do away with that piece of nonsense, and maybe you can have more diversity age-wise. Until then, just bloody deal with it.
The Courts

+ - Scientology critic Keith Henson extradited

Submitted by
muldrake writes "Engineer, writer, and Scientology critic Keith Henson has been extradited from Arizona to Riverside County, California, following his arrest in February. Henson had fled to Canada following his conviction for "interfering with a religion" in 2001 for his pickets and Usenet posts criticizing the Church of Scientology, returning to Arizona after his asylum claims were denied."

+ - Google begins Massive Roll out of Web History

Submitted by
untouchableForce writes "It has been well known for some time that Google could record your search history and associate it with your Google Account. It was used to create service such as Personalized Search. A couple of weeks ago Google released a new tool called Web History and apparently it recently has began enrolling all of its new and existing users into it. I noticed it on my account today despite having previous disabled personalized search in my account. To their credit it was "paused" but I was still quietly enrolled in something I knew nothing about. Here is an overview of Web History can be found at this blog entry. Here is Google's FAQ regarding why it has suddenly appeared along with directions on how to remove it from your account.

Given all of the ways things are being interpreted in this world today I want absolutely no one having access to a complete history of what I searched. I submit this only to bring it to the attention of others who may have missed this. To Google's credit they do give you the ability to delete items from your web history, which will keep them from using it to make recommendations but they likely still have other records of it. The only positive aspect of this that I can see is at least we getting an additional glimpse on just how much information the search giant has on us."

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