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These cities should build the infrastructure, focus on the infrastructure and then allow service providers to compete with each other for service. Essentially, government deals with infrastructure since they are generally good with that and private business on the sevice, since they are generally good with that when there is healthy competition.

Comment: Should retailers store credit card details? (Score 1) 101

by Midnight Thunder (#48117105) Attached to: Kmart Says Its Payment System Was Hacked

Beyond transactions, I wonder whether retailers should even be storing credit card information? Surely debating this problem to the credit card companies would be better? The only thing combines should be keep is maybe some sort of public key value for the credit card, which can only be unlocked with a user provide value. The private key would be in the hands of the credit card company to access your account.

I am thinking on the fly here, but the main gist is the less credit card details stored by non-credit card companies the better. These retailers could secure their systems better, but maybe they shouldn't be holding on to certain critical information either? We need to review what financial data is held in light of these issues.

In Europe you have a one time key for your online payments, that requires a special calculator looking device. Probably not the best solution, but not a terrible one either - it's just inconvenient and not necessarily clear to the non-tech savie.

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by Midnight Thunder (#48116183) Attached to: Liking Analog Meters Doesn't Make You a Luddite (Video)

Both have their place. If something represents a percentage of a total, then analogue displays are the best. If something has indefinite range, then digital is best. In the end the best solution should allow for getting essential information with minimum of effort, but it will also depend on the given context.

There are some places where is t is hard to decide which is best. One example is time, since at least for me, context of use makes a difference.

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by Midnight Thunder (#48063139) Attached to: Possible Reason Behind Version Hop to Windows 10: Compatibility

The Kernel is only part of the operating system. There are other things that go into an operating system, such as libraries, application and services. You will find most application are relying on OS version to find out about those , rather than about the underlying kernel. Sure they should probably not make assumption about the operating system as a whole, but developers make assumptions.

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by Midnight Thunder (#48062893) Attached to: Blame Tech Diversity On Culture, Not Pipeline

If your current company that makes it a fireable offense is in the USA, and I assume it is because your use of English seems American, it's breaking US employment law. Only managerial employees can be restricted in how they talk about pay.

It is American, but the offices where I am at are located in Canada. Either way, even if it is against the law, I am not sure I want to chance it until I leave the company.

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by Midnight Thunder (#48062675) Attached to: Blame Tech Diversity On Culture, Not Pipeline

Small companies often have barely enough to pay employees that are present. To be paying for employees on leave is something else, male or female. I recently had to take leave and if it wasn't for my insurance I wouldn't have gotten a dime. At the same time all the tech companies I have worked at treated everyone fairly and had policies about 'poisoned workplace'. Sure there are people who have discriminatory attitude, but in a healthy work place they shouldn't be staying long.

As for pay I don't know enough about the realities and individual cases to know the truth. What I do know is companies will often give you a pay that you negotiated, which may be worse than you are worth. A good company will try give up something fair knowing that unfair salary if it becomes knowledge hurts them more. My current company makes it a fireable offence to talk salary. Other companies I have worked for have a ladder according to position.

Good colleagues come in many shapes, form, sexuality, culture and variations of gended, just as do the bad colleagues. We all screw up sometimes, but we should endeavour to treat each other fairly and with respect.

Comment: Re: I never thought I'd say this... (Score 1) 353

For your grandfather, would he have been allowed to install it himself the final 500 feet and if so what would have the telco cost been to establish the connection?

For the rural community, what sort of housing density are we talking about?

One thing that I would like to see it community networks that are then leased out to ISPs, with non-exclusive agreements. I would hope that in this scenario the ISPs and telco could not argue unfair competition and therefore be unable to block this.

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by Midnight Thunder (#47846045) Attached to: Some Core I7 5960X + X99 Motherboards Mysteriously Burning Up

Or you need better warranty laws: the time they need to replace it doesn't count, each replacement (attempt) increases warranty by 6 months, if they fail 3 times they have to refund the money. That's e.g. (more or less) the rules in Germany.

One company I know will attempt to repair three times. If it still fails they replace, but the replacement part starts with a new warranty. I think that is the way it should be. The warranty should be on the part, so any replacement would effectively reset the effective purchase date.

That may get expensive for some companies, but maybe they should be rethinking their business model?

Comment: Proposal (Score 2) 819

Two things come out of this:
    - IATA needs to regulate this.
    - Leg spacing and seat size should be mandatory provided information in any booking.

On one hand you can argue that the passengers are getting what they pay for, but on the other hand you can also argue that customers don't have this information, at time of booking, to make an informed purchase choice.

At the same time if fights break out often enough, requiring forced landings, then I think people will start realising this cost saving is actually getting expensive (extra cost due to unplanned landings, time and reputation).

Comment: Safe Buffer? (Score 3) 65

Given the number of security issues related to buffer over-runs, I wonder whether C/C++ should provide a safe buffer that would help alleviate these issues? Sure it might compromise performance slightly, though it might be acceptable when faced with the alternative of unexpected issues due to an unforeseen buffer overrun.

Comment: Multi-platform matters (Score 1) 636

by Midnight Thunder (#47151659) Attached to: Apple Announces New Programming Language Called Swift

I haven't yet decided whether this is yet another programming language we needed, but I will be interested to see whether Apple release the Swift support in LLVM as open source. One thing that I dislike more than new programming language for the sake of doing so, are single-platform languages.

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