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Comment Re:Kids these days (Score 3, Funny) 587

My superstition is that not having a 13th floor is bad luck, since after all what is proping up the 14th floor? Magic? Though, whatever you do, don't try proving the fact that the 14th floor is the 13th, since this will lead to confusion and mass hysteria, and may even brand you as some sort of heretic.

Comment Re:Firewalls? (Score 1) 394

You could do a kickstarter or just start preparing an open firewall rules list, that could be used by one of the open source routers or possibly by Windows itself?

We could ask Microsoft to be transparent about what the OS phones home for and what else is shared beyond the network.

Comment Could be illegal? (Score 2) 379

If any of these countries are part of the Eurozone and this is preventing someone from one part of the EU using something from another part of the EU, then Xerox will have some answering to do. EU laws, from my understanding, make this sort of thing illegal within its territory.

If you are region locked to the whole Eurozone, then that is okay. Of course it doesn't change that this is a dick move, on the part of Xerox, IMO.

Comment Re:Nature of open source (Score 1) 157

Oh how easily this would be solved if NTP was proprietary technology and Father Time could ask a small royalty for every piece of software that uses NTP. I just mean that by making things open source you are intentionally taking the risk that there can be problems with arranging well-rounded funding.

Maybe, but the challenge with business owned closed source is that the owners then want to find extra ways to monitise the resource. The alternative would be to keep it open source and charge for support or simply encourage sponsorship from anyone using it in commercial hardware?

Comment Re:Just starting now? (Score 1) 373

When was the last time that a plane had to make an emergency landing or a flight delayed because the plane simply weighed too much due to obese travelers?

There's probably some other unknown reason why they are doing this.

One reason I would imagine is due to passengers shifting weight from checked-in baggage to their carry on or themselves. Combine that with trying to reduce fuel costs and you find yourself with airlines wanting to eliminate as many of the unknowns as possible. Carrying extra fuel just in case also adds to the fuel cost, since that weight must be accounted for in extra burn.

The risk with too much over-optimisation is that the risk of failure increases if any one of the values is slightly off. The truth is, it is almost impossible to have all the variables accounted for, especially once the plane is up in the air and subject to external factors.

Comment Re:The sky is falling! News at 10. (Score 1) 215

The USA will face a different problem: inability to vote connect to new services that only exist on IPv6. Maybe some of the big players, such as Google and Facebook could add some features that you only get through IPv6 and then leak the info about it. I wonder how much noise will then occur on the web?

BTW Netflix supports IPv6 via AWS.

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