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Comment: Re:Why not ask the authors of the GPL Ver.2? (Score 1) 173

by Microlith (#48602891) Attached to: The GPLv2 Goes To Court

Answer to #3 is clearly NO - that's why GPLv3 was created, which pissed off a large number of companies, and drove them to BSDL solutions, like LLVM/Clang instead of GCC

Unspecified patent claims on software should be an anathema to BSDL software, given that could result in the patent holder controlling any and all usage of the project despite the license.

Of course, if this is true then it shows how vile said corporations are. So desperate to undermine the core points of Free Software for the sake of power over others.

Comment: Re:Its own editors said so (Score 4, Insightful) 345

They aren't pretending to be objective, balanced, or factual.

A couple problems. The first is that no one is truly objective except someone studying an isolated system. The second is that we have this misbegotten notion that "balance" is that we must give both sides of a story equal billing. When one side is flagrantly wrong, it deserves to be dismissed and ignored. The third is on you to show how they omit facts. I know the extreme right wing of this country loves to manufacture "facts" or omit actual facts when it suits them, there's a whole TV network that excels in such shitflinging.

Comment: Re:wouldn't even be reported (Score 1) 224

by Microlith (#48461627) Attached to: Top Counter-Strike Players Embroiled In Hacking Scandal

Not true.

Entirely true. When you steep yourself in the echo chamber, your perspective on reality twists and contorts. Gamergate was built on a lie and on hating a specific person.

The customer revolt exploded the day practically the entire online gaming press coordinated to declare their core audience "dead,"

There was no "customer revolt." There was a bunch of assholes who got pissed that the gaming press called them out on their abusive and unwarranted behavior.

in a clumsy and transparent attempt to cover-up their corruption.

Keep lying to yourself if it makes you feel better, I suppose. Righteous self-indignance is the same whether it's built on reality or bullshit I suppose.

Comment: Re:wouldn't even be reported (Score 0) 224

by Microlith (#48459923) Attached to: Top Counter-Strike Players Embroiled In Hacking Scandal

If this scandal had any relation to the Gamergate corruption, then there's no way the gaming press would even cover it.


Anybody investigating the players would be said to be "harassing" them in articles

No, there's a difference between investigation and the concerted harassment by gamergate idiots.

they'd probably be called "misogynists" too, the players' actual genders be damned.

It might seem like that, but only to people who have completely lost their grasp on reality, such as you.

Comment: Re:What do they spend the money on? (Score 1, Interesting) 161

by Microlith (#48438193) Attached to: Mozilla's 2013 Report: Revenue Up 1% To $314M; 90% From Google

Stupid features and interface changes no one wants

Better to just never, ever change, right?

bugs from real users go unresolved.

Whereby "real users" are... who exactly? What obscure bug have you hit, and how does my not hitting it make me not a "real user."

Comment: Re:Time for a truly open browser (Score 1) 400

Firefox, with its marketing deals and in-browser ads is no longer "it".

Yeah, those in browser ads you'll probably never see.

It would be great to have an independent project driver by developer enthusiasm rather than anyone's business needs.

And it'll succeed, just like Linux has succeeded on the desktop.

Linux kernel and many other projects manage that somehow.

There is a lot of money behind the Linux kernel. Many changes that go in are explicitly because of business needs.

Comment: Re:they are thinking Google has them by the balls (Score 2, Interesting) 327

by Microlith (#48357465) Attached to: Mozilla Updates Firefox With Forget Button, DuckDuckGo Search, and Ads

or take Google's money by showing ads from a Google-owned ad network.

And it's not this either, given that they're basically sponsored slots that pretty much only new installs see.

if Mozilla would stop fucking with the interface of Firefox and making it a Chrome clone

It'll only be a Chrome clone when they remove the ability to customize the UI via add-ons.

We have muscle memory and we expect things to work certain ways. Changing it just annoys the user base.

That sounds like the worst reason to slam the brakes on UI improvements. On the other hand, maintaining the flexibility of the add-on system is golden and lets people like me keep the UI pretty much identical to how it was in the 3.x days, rather than whining like a 4year old.

Comment: Re:Not going to happen (Score 1) 74

by Microlith (#48352053) Attached to: Mozilla Launches Browser Built For Developers

An organization like Mozilla should be especially careful not to take sides on politics.

Even when one of the sides is obviously wrong? Good 'ol dose of false equivalence?

They now have a record of using someone's personal information against them.

Ah, so now Mozilla is responsible for the actions of others? Or do you have evidence that Mozilla (the corporation) took action against Eich? As it stands, Eich chose to step down of his own volition and there's no evidence against it.

Who knows what person will be their next target

Given Eich wasn't opposed by Mozilla, I don't expect anyone will.

or whether or not they'll use their software products to snoop on whom they perceive to be the enemy

And now we delve into paranoid bullshit territory.

"Anyone attempting to generate random numbers by deterministic means is, of course, living in a state of sin." -- John Von Neumann