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Comment Re:Obligations (Score 1) 581 581

Yeah, because abusive, horrible people are in desperate need of protection from those who tell them to grow up!

a KKK member baker from making a black person's wedding cake

Being a member of the KKK isn't protected, mainly because it's optional. They have to serve the public regardless of their immature, childish opinions - not that it'd matter, most KKK members wear their hate on their sleeve.

That's why they're all running to 8chan or Voat - they need somewhere that caters to their emotional immaturity.

Comment Re:Fucking SJW (Score 1) 581 581

I think the term you are looking for is harassment, which can only be achieved if the harassee looks at the harassment.

Which is hard not to do if you're on the internet and the target of a hate campaign. Guess they should just leave the internet when the hate mob decides it's time for them to go?

Comment No assertion of patents? Really? (Score 2) 355 355

Given Microsoft’s public commitment to open source, a patent war likely isn’t going to happen; that would make the company look bad at a time when it needs all the developer support it can get.

So why don't they just relicense the .NET CLR and the rest of the packages under the Apache 2 license? It lets people use things as freely as the MIT/BSD licenses as everything else and contains the patent guarantees.

Until then, anything not under Apache 2 is suspect.

Comment Re:boring (Score 1) 126 126

why are we making video games that intimidate wider and wider ranges of people?

Given the millions playing LoL, I don't get the impression that they "intimidate" anyone. On the other hand, there are people who like to play the game AND like seeing people play it at the highest levels possible, and this is true for many games.

Comment Re:Free software and e-sports (Score 2) 126 126

Nintendo has already shut down Smash Bros. tournaments

They have? Last I checked they have since backtracked to the point of sponsoring some tournaments. Which one did they shut down?

Capcom routinely requires royalty payments to hold Street Fighter tournaments

If you're for-profit charge people to watch, yes.

Once more publishers adopt that practice, e-sports leagues may have to move to developing games for distribution under a free software license.

The leagues aren't relevant if no one plays the game. And given the leagues are usually for-profit, I'm not understanding the problem...?

Comment Re:how far weve come. (Score 1) 531 531

I think you made a typo:

Mozilla 2015: We want to continue to exist, and are currently dependent on a competitor.

(Handful of noisy) Users 2015: WAHT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING! You can't survive, you have the stay unchanging and do exactly as we want without ever bothering us even if that means you go out of business. Oh fuck it I don't want you SPYING on me, you terrible people. I'm going to use Chrome!

Comment Re:Why the surprise? (Score 2) 177 177

Man, I love your posts because of how just shy of completely unhinged they are.

, from home users all the way to admins of large Linux server farms have said loud and clear SYSTEMD IS NOT WANTED and too damned buggy and brittle

When someone can provide concrete examples of this, rather than anecdotes and argument from emotion, I'll be more willing to listen. Until then, it seems mostly knee-jerk reaction and blaming everything on the target of one's reactionary hatred than anything concrete. But then that's pretty much par for the course with systemd.

And your links are either just shy of image macros or also from sites of people whose arguements are so terrible they read:

Poettering is like Hitler or Putin.

As quoted from your 4th link, very first sentence. So unbelievably, stupidly hyperbolic they can't be taken seriously.

I don't know how many server devs I've talked to that are leaving Linux over mission critical bugs in systemd

That's because you could very well be making shit up.

one long time Linux admin I talked to was royally pissed as he had a huge Linux farm and the order just came down from the top to switch it all to Server 2K12 because of systemd

And this screams at me "I'm hairyfeet, and I'm making shit up because I can't come up with a factual, data-backed argument!"

But it's a typical hairyfeet rant. Light on reality, heavy on emotion.

Comment Re:This is the long way to say... (Score 2) 162 162

We've reached the limits of the flash technology which drives both the SATA and PCIe versions of the storage device

Individual chips have an upper cap on speed, but that's why every SSD on the market accesses numerous devices in parallel. All you need to do to make an SSD go faster is add more NAND devices in parallel and a slightly faster controller to support them.

Flash is not all that fast and it quickly becomes the limiting factor on how fast you can read data out of it.

Maybe if you have no idea what you're talking about.

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