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Comment: Re:An easier solution (Score 1) 120

by MickyTheIdiot (#47647341) Attached to: Hackers Demand Automakers Get Serious About Security

It's a decent point, but you didn't follow through. The whole point is that cars depend on computers MORE than having a computerized dashboard. What you are mentioning in your second paragraph is quite trivial.

Computers are used to regulate just about every system in your car. If a "hacker" gets into your car and shuts down the brake system then it's a whole lot worse than if he's just putting a picture of on the dashboard.

Comment: Re:Stephen Elop... (Score 1) 282

Soooo... by the end of next decade they are building a Linux distro.

The trick is that it will only run a version of Microsoft Office and almost nothing else. it will have a packing system that reboots the machine every 15 minutes, and have it's very own version of gcc that has tons of undocumented function calls.

Comment: Re:laying off...but needs more H-1B's (Score 1, Troll) 282

Yeah, but "it's only business" purposefully ignores the fact that these are people, people that have kids in many cases. It also overlooks the fact that these people helped them make money hand over fist. Yeah, they are selling shitty products to Microsoft zombies in a lot of cases, but they still are people.

Yeah... they make the company money. Nothing is owed to them. Let the fuckers starve. Welcome to the US corporate jungle, where you're not allowed up in the tree to get a banana while the monkeys in suits shit on you.

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