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Comment: try 120 cases (Score 1) 258

okay, first: they HAVEN'T identified the length or method of transmissability, because it keeps spreading by surprise.

second: we know that in Africa they have missed many cases. Therefore, 7000 actual cases would not be far off.

Third, the world population is 7 million, so there are 2^20 doublings (at 23 days each) between now and total infection, at the current rate.

Fourth, the US population, including illegals, is about 350 million. So by the math, you might guess that there was 350 cases in the US, but the actual rate of spread is probably initially faster than a 23-day doubling, but slower to enter the country. So a reasonable guestimate is that we might have 120 cases, about a third of 350, but with Dallas/CDC response, we'll rapidly catch that 350 number.

In line with that, I'd estimate that in any state that has a lot of human commerce with Dallas (including Louisiana, Virginia, Oklahoma, and California), you could estimate the number of cases by dividing the state population by 3 million, more or less.

In other words, we're in deep trouble already.

Comment: Re:Black holes are real, we observe them all the t (Score 1) 356

by MickLinux (#47987073) Attached to: Physicist Claims Black Holes Mathematically Don't Exist

No, the science isn't settled.

But the metric being wrong means that black holes fail to satisfy conservation of energy. Assume that conservation of energy is satisfied and fix the metric -- you'll find that a cross term was dropped -- and it all works out.

Comment: Re:Physics breakdown (Score 1) 356

by MickLinux (#47987033) Attached to: Physicist Claims Black Holes Mathematically Don't Exist

there are errors in the standard equations, such that the lagrangian breaks down there, because the standard equations do not properly account for energy conservation.

Fix your metric, and it comes out correctly. And black holes then do mathe|atically exist.

Comment: Re: This can only work a little bit... (Score 1) 249

by MickLinux (#47963053) Attached to: Small Restaurant Out-Maneuvers Yelp In Reviews War

Well, the mathematically sound system would be to pay real wages for real work, so that you couldn't hire shills at a dime-a-dozen. Not only because they had real pay, but also because they had more self respect than that. But that runs contrary to the American ideal (which is More for the Powerful, and the Powerless can dream of that which will never, trust me, never be). Which means that in an Amerika-run world (or EU... trust me, EU is the same only worse), it won't happen.

Comment: Re: Mechanical stresses ... (Score 1) 198

by MickLinux (#47933133) Attached to: Wave Power Fails To Live Up To Promise

windmill power goes something like the 4th power of the blade speed. As a result, your maximumepower is harvested at the windmill blade tips. To increase the efficiency, you want maximum possible tip speed, but wear is a function of shaft speed. so you want high tip speed, low shaft speed. Therefore you need a large area.

Or lets put it in terms of the disk plane. Harvestable wind is a function of the area of the intersected disk. If you double the radius, you quadruple the harvestable wind. Actually, you do better than that because you reach higher (with a higher wind speed), and farther from the tower (which slows the wind). So again, you want a large radius blade.And yes, long blades under extreme torsional and bending moments, at high speed IS a recipe for blade failure.

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