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Comment Re:No, UI designers went crazy. (Score 2) 503 503

I would agree, that visually NeXT had more in common with the Amiga direction than Apple. OS X is not based on any previous Apple OS. I'm not sure that Amiga was the inspiration for what NeXT was doing, but they did have the same user base (video/sound editing).

Comment No, UI designers went crazy. (Score 5, Insightful) 503 503

Linux users just haven't fell victim to the mass hysteria of solving a problem, which never existed. Apple designed an appealing desktop, and as their market share increased, Microsoft began throwing UI designs against the wall. Then people started buying phones and tablets, so designers decided no one wanted a functional desktop anymore. Gnome 3 decided to screw everything up, then Ubuntu decided they wanted everything screwed up in a different way. KDE made the same traditional desktop demand more resources, making it unusable.

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