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Comment: Re:MichaelKristopeit = child molester with AIDS. (Score -1) 720 720

ur mum's face = child molester with AIDS.

alexander peter kowalski openly admits to being in a relationship that consisted of abuse, and unwanted sex that was deemed part of a "job".

alexander peter kowalski threatens libel suits for people that tell the truth about him, then he turns around and spreads lies about others.

the petty actions of an ignorant hypocrite...

cower in my shadow some more, feeb.

you're completely pathetic.

Comment: Re:HOSTS files = superior 2 AdBlock &/or DNS a (Score -1) 321 321

why does jay little say that Alexander Peter Kowalski is a purporter of "shitware"?

what caused the claimed abuse from APK's claimed failed relationship?

why was unwanted sexual contact justified as part of a "job"?

you're an idiot.

Comment: Re:How does a "small firm" have so much tech? (Score -1) 114 114

ur mum's face lost it.

if i saw my doctor asking on the internet how to treat me, i would call them an idiot too.... because they would be an idiot.

cower in my shadow some more behind your chosen alphanumericized hebrew pseudonym, feeb.

you're completely pathetic.

Work smarter, not harder, and be careful of your speling.