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Comment Re:I await the day (Score -1, Offtopic) 108

capitalization is the tool of the weak minded, used to aid their lacking reading comprehension. its use would do nothing to change the logical meaning of any of the statements that i've made. you're an idiot. you're also an Idiot, an IDIOT, and an iDiOt. you're also an IDioT. you're an IdIOt.

i assume you'll be an idiot some more, but i wouldn't be so ignorantly hypocritical as to suggest or command you to do it some more. you're an ignorant hypocrite.

cower in my shadow some more behind your chosen zodiac pizza based pseudonym, feeb.

you're completely pathetic.

Comment Re:Nothing (Score -1) 879

glad my slashdot = stagnated campaign is catching on.

i use XP on my music production computer because it best supports my pro tools hardware (digi 002). the digi 002 has a new version out (003), so the software supporting the older version hasn't seen many updates. everything still works great, so no need to spend $2,000 on a replacement. the computer isn't connected to the internet, so security isn't an issue.

every other computer i own in my home is a mac running OS X. every computer i colo are custom 1U boxes i put together running cent-os.

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