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Comment: Re:Thinking's not a strong suit of yours (Score 0) 318

by MichaelKristopeit405 (#37914510) Attached to: Linux Foundation Releases Document On UEFI Secure Boot

I can't hear you over the sound of my paycheck.

Oh wait, I don't get a paycheck. I get a pay advisory telling me the money's already in my bank account.

Well anyway... food's on, it's smelling ready, and I'm available.

Not THAT sort of available, you fag.

P.S. Try missing a few foods yourself, you obese troll. It'd help your weight problem. Yes, your weight is a problem. Unless you want to die young.

Actually, go ahead and die young. Preferably the most painful way you can think of, but if nature isn't painful that's okay too.

Comment: Re:do you Need to be mocked for your cowardice? (Score 0) 213

"MichaelKristopeit351" is operated by a pathetic individual attempting to steal my identity. i cower from no one. you live in a fantasy world that you have created relative to me. i live at 4513 brittany ct. eau claire, wi 54701. present yourself to me, admit what you have done, and i might let you watch while our dog sodomizes my wife tonight.

C for yourself.