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Comment Re:Um... That is why it is called a "TEST" (Score 0) 451

the test was successful... in showing the failures.

i use charter digital cable on a tivo HDXL with a cablecard... i got the alert right on time while i was watching other recorded content. it didn't last a full 30 seconds... i was on a work conference call at the time and everyone else said they got the alert too... one on radio and the other on broadcast tv.

Comment Re:Getting the Experience (Score -1) 112

i'm not sorry at all that you can't comprehend the inferences that are implied out there. as i've already covered right here on slashdot in this thread: 10 years of windows 2000 experience in 2002 obviously means 10 years of experience with the windows PRODUCT LINE, culminating with experience in the latest released version. you're an ignorant hypocrite.

i joined the site within months of launch in 1997 when i entered university... i have received numerous grants from the national science foundation... i currently work for a billion dollar international public company... you're a presumptuous moron.

those of us who are not ignorant hypocrites, or presumptuous morons shun you. it's not that you'll never be a part of us, it's that any hope you could ever have of being a part of us could not possible come to any fruition.

cower in my shadow some more behind your chosen adjectivized pursuit based pseudonym, feeb.

you're completely #!/pathetic.

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