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Comment: Re:Goes both ways... (Score -1) 645

by MichaelKristopeit322 (#34683386) Attached to: Greed, Zealotry, and the Commodore 64
an answer of more than 1 = an answer of any greater than 1. assuming 3 accounts and either assuming a single person is in control of all of the referenced accounts or someone else is attempting to steal my identity through the creation and use of some of the accounts, then an answer to the question is more than simply irrelevant.... it's hypocritically ignorant.

you're a logical peabrain.

cower some more, feeb.

you're completely pathetic.

Comment: Re:$1,000,000,000,000 prize (Score -1) 140

by MichaelKristopeit322 (#34647972) Attached to: US Spurs Plethora of Problem Solving Prizes
ah yes, pointing out a very obvious flaw of a capitalist government in control of a fiat currency offering arbitrary cash prizes for solution contests where no payment is guaranteed even if a valid solution is provided is "flamebait"... not 100% THE TRUTH

slashdot = stagnated

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