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Comment Re:violating software patents? (Score -1, Troll) 286 286

you're the one implying i was incorrect... i'm the one proving that the only person incorrect is you. if you find such factual evidence condescending, that should tell you something.

if a minimal processing time can be defined, and a maximum compression ration can be defined, then "optimal" is not subjective.

you're an idiot.

why do you cower? what are you afraid of?

you're completely pathetic.

Comment Re:Violation of Payment Card Industry regulations? (Score -1, Troll) 73 73

when "this vendor" =, and serves as an intermediary for nearly EVERY 3rd party vendor, then it's fairly ignorant and hypocritical to call the data "useless" when it alone can be used to process new charges nearly ubiquitously.

Comment Re:too much of a target (Score 1) 175 175

you're an ignorantly hypocritical marketeer.

it's painfully obvious you have ulterior motives and no moral worth whatsoever.

you fantasize and accuse others with no evidence of being raped by religious figures and brutalizing women and children.

you are a completely pathetic individual, and justice will find you.

why do you cower behind a chosen urine based pseudonym? what are you afraid of?

you're completely pathetic.

present yourself to me; admit what you've done, then i'll bring upon you the ultimate punishment for your transgressions.

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