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Comment: Re:1415 bugs?! (Score 1) 385

by MichaelKristopeit302 (#34635338) Attached to: Firefox 4 Beta 8 Up
yes, i have written HTML parsers... it's really REALLY hard to utilize any of regular expression stream tokenizers... it's not trivial at all. it's ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE. one time, i only wrote 1399 bugs while attempting it. mozilla bested me.

so "dozens" turns to "few" under scrutiny... i'm sure there was at least 1 bug attributable to form control spec changes.

you've obviously never seen any codebase that i maintain. there is a reason mozilla provides their products free of charge... what could that reason be? could delivering a broken product ever serve to benefit such a company?

yep. it sure could.

did your mother name you "BZ"? why do you cower behind a chosen pseudonym? what are you afraid of?

you're completely pathetic.

Comment: Re:testable? (Score 1) 285

by MichaelKristopeit302 (#34629138) Attached to: X Particle Might Explain Dark Matter & Antimatter
only the weakest link would demand an answer to such an ignorantly hypocritical question.

why do you cower? what are you afraid of? my name is michael kristopeit. i live at 4513 brittney ct. eau claire, wi 54701. my phone number is 715-514-0916.

who is responsible for the ignorance spewed through the "Sardaukar86" user account on this internet web site chat room message board? how can they be contacted?

why do you cower? what are you afraid of?

you're completely pathetic.

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