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Comment: Re:What? (Score 2) 397 397

I was helping a friend set up her new computer.

She opened up Internet Explorer and noticed the default search engine was Bing.

She tried to change the default search engine to Google.

Her: Why is it taking so long to change the search engine?
Me: Why not just download Google Chrome?

Problem solved. :-)

Comment: Re:You're already making more progress... (Score 1) 444 444

There are wallets that also have a coin section.

It's just there's not many of them, or the coin pocket is very small.

In countries where $1 or $2 are coins, and tipping isn't expected, having such a wallet is very handy.

Comment: Re:Get rid of the penny? pff (Score 4, Informative) 444 444

Doubtful. A lot of prices end in .99 not because that's the store's actual cost, but because apparently many customers think 4.99 is $4, not $5.

Australia got rid of the 1c coin years ago. Prices that used to end in .99 now end in .95, not .00.

Comment: Re:You're already making more progress... (Score 1) 444 444

A big advantage of $1 and $2 being bills is you can get away with carrying only a money clip. And a lot of wallets don't have coin pouches either.

In Australia, where we have $1 and $2 coins, the coins add considerably to the thickness and weight of my wallet. And there are many vending machines that only accept coins, so you have to carry $5-$10 in change to be safe. With a $1 bill, vending machines would only need to accept notes, and should accept higher denominations too.

Comment: Re:US redesign project (Score 2, Interesting) 444 444

Comment: Re:Unlocked? (Score 1) 276 276

We have a similar situation in Australia where 3 was purchased by Vodafone.

2 years on, 3 customers have access to the older Vodafone 2G network, but not Vodafone's 3G network. We assume the networks will be fully merged eventually, but the rumor is that Vodafone doesn't have the capacity to handle all the 3 customers as well.

So it's entirely possible T-Mobile customers won't get immediate access to AT&T towers.

Comment: Re:Unlocked? (Score 1) 276 276

"1900Mhz is more of the world standard"

1900 (called PCS) is used in the USA, Canada, and many South American countries, but the most common is 2100 (called IMT), which is used in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Oceania.

And don't get me started on 1700 (AWS).

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