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Comment: Thank you! (Score 1) 234

by Michael O-P (#46178791) Attached to: The Standards Wars and the Sausage Factory

Both you and AC articulated what I was starting to *feel* regarding beta. I have so many users who rebel against upgrades just because they're different; I just wanted some good reasons why the beta sucks.

As I use it just a little bit, the UI was obviously designed by blind monkeys, or perhaps just committee. I have to scroll and scroll and scroll, and yet there is so much wasted space around comments. Add to that the fact that replies don't load automatically, and I have to populate the reply subject. I see nothing good about this "upgrade."

Comment: What's so bad about beta? (Score 1) 234

by Michael O-P (#46177545) Attached to: The Standards Wars and the Sausage Factory

Perhaps I don't visit Slashdot as much as I used to, but I just looked at the site through beta to see what the fuss is about. Perhaps my eyes don't move in the right way, but is it the additional ads that I ignore on the right-hand side? I'm not defending beta, I'm just asking for additional education about what makes it so bad other than being different.

Comment: Re:Way to be a day late! (Score 1) 127

by Michael O-P (#37555608) Attached to: Microsoft Begins Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) Rollout
I tend to think too much when I write, so much of my output is bland and marketing-like. My initial post did sound like an ad. My apologies. I am a techie, but normal people prefer to talk to me because I can translate.

I just don't want people to dismiss WP out-of-hand because it's Microsoft. They have foisted plenty of crap products on an unwitting public, but the WP7 is not one of them. It's a good product, that isn't for everyone, but it doesn't suck.

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