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Comment: Re:Fuck you. (Score 0, Flamebait) 583

by Michael Kristopeit 8 (#33803342) Attached to: Can Large Scale NAT Save IPv4?
if the current ISP is refusing to update features you require be updated, then there is a need...

only an idiot would create an inferior ISP... only an idiot would assume anyone might create an inferior ISP.

if you want IPv6, and your current ISP doesn't offer it, START YOUR OWN ISP.

you're the one that claimed it wasn't an option... an obviously wrong assertion... you know who make obviously wrong assertions?


Comment: Re:Fuck you. (Score -1, Troll) 583

by Michael Kristopeit 8 (#33803068) Attached to: Can Large Scale NAT Save IPv4?
so those people who overcame the limitations when there were 0 ISPs, and created the ISP option you have today... how did they create that ISP? people today don't have the same option to create an ISP in the same way?

what changed?

i did not assume or state you were american. i dismissed your ignorance and then recalled the reason americans rose up to rid themselves of the company of idiots LIKE you.

you're an idiot.

Comment: Re:"MORE robust testing" or "more ROBUST testing"? (Score 1) 170

by Michael Kristopeit 8 (#33802604) Attached to: DC Suspends Tests of Online Voting System
in a discussion of purported facts, there is the truth and there is lies.

i have presented the truth, as can obviously be seen.

your attempt to suggest a game was being played, seemingly to justify your continued attempts at lying is pathetic.

you are NOTHING

Whenever a system becomes completely defined, some damn fool discovers something which either abolishes the system or expands it beyond recognition.