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Comment: Re:Electronic voting, yes! Online voting, no! (Score -1, Flamebait) 170

by Michael Kristopeit 1 (#33801942) Attached to: DC Suspends Tests of Online Voting System
what specifically disproves my statement?

when did the digital age begin? when will you be satisfied that we have failed? if we begin killing one another? complete annihilation? is society progressing and prospering or receding and regressing?

i don't think you know what "Current history" means, or the current state of it or the state of it's rate of change.

Comment: Re:the reasons are most certainly NOT sound (Score 1) 245

by Michael Kristopeit 1 (#33800482) Attached to: One Man's Fight Against Forum Spam
you're wrong.

you suggest i see a psychologist, suggesting you are not a psychologist... then you proceed to suggest a diagnosis you are not qualitified to make, of multiple personalities when i SOLELY present myself as who i am: MICHAEL DAVID KRISTOPEIT.

and just like someone who is lying and does not want to be labeled as such, you post cowardly and anonymously.

you are NOTHING

ur mum's face have been around at least for a little while.

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