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Comment: Re:Missing info (Score -1, Flamebait) 66

by Michael D Kristopeit (#33888538) Attached to: Study Shows Brain Responds More To Close Friends
sorry to have to break it to you, but there is an alliance devoted to defaming me. they stoop so low as to register users sharing my given name... such as "MichaelKristopeit 16" and "Mikey Kristopeity"... they post racial hatred in my name. they pool moderation points and down-mod all of my comments as "troll" or "off topic".

i'm glad some individuals like you still exist... but as i'm implying, and you're understanding, there are high power organizations that exist that refuse to acknowledge very obvious things... soon after they begin acting to silence those who would publicly acknowledge and broadcast such things.

slashdot = stagnated

Comment: Re:short sighted summary author (Score -1) 747

by Michael D Kristopeit (#33635958) Attached to: HDCP Master Key Revealed
ur mum's face really are incapable of carrying on an adult converstaion.

why are you questioning yourself, pee hook? is it because you're starting to believe that you really might be an idiot?

here is how adult conversations work: someone provides facts, someone else provides more facts. you have NEVER provided any facts. you simply whine like a retarded child.

you are NOTHING.

straighten your dick, pee hook.

Nothing happens.