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Journal Journal: The Moon is a Harsh Mistress while listening to Time by ELO 1

Don't know why - but I really like that combination.

I've gotten off my schedule of reading Starship Troopers and TMiaHM every year - but I did just reread The Moon is a Harsh Mistress last week-end. My wife was in Ukraine and I was kind of bored but not motivated enough to do something that took effort.

I've outgrown RAH's politics but I still love the story.

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Journal Journal: Magnet Links from Chrome in Plasma 5 3

For some reason magnet links that I clicked in Chrome were opening the Transmission client instead of Ktorrent. I remember doing something in the past related to this - though I think the issue then was that chrome didn't know how to handle them at all.

Comment Re:You can't go wrong with Slack... (Score 1) 6

It's broken now as far as browsing categories - and has been for a while. You can search for specific packages and install them/uninstall them but you can't use apper to just browse through the different types of software available. It's a known issue and I haven't heard anyone mention any ideas on when it would be fixed.

Comment Re:You can't go wrong with Slack... (Score 1) 6

I am using the Nvidia driver - nouveau has never worked for me with this card on this machine. And it's the only card I've ever found that fits the case - it's an Acer that's really compact. I've had it for 6 years or so and I love it - but at some point I may need to get something new. But I've never seen anything with quite the same form factor. I really like it over the big, big boxes that are normal for so many desktops.

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Journal Journal: F21 - F22 Today 6

Support for Fedora 21 is coming to an end and so I decided to upgrade to Fedora 22.

I don't run the default Fedora install, I use the KDE spin. I realize KDE isn't the primary desktop for Fedora, but until now it's been alright. I use Fedora for a lot of reasons but mostly because it is the distro I know. I know it because it is the first distro I used on a regular basis for more than just messing around. I did that because at my work we got a new server running RedHat.

Comment Re:So What? (Score 1) 294

The only radio station I could get while out in Northwest Nevada for a few days was KCFJ out of Alturas, CA. The China Radio International parts were pretty pro-China, on the new islands in the South China Sea for example. Reminds me of how RT (the "Putin channel") is so strongly pro-Russian on the Syrian bombings. KCFJ aired some Chinese language lessons, I had fun out in the high Nv desert practicing Chinese again.

Comment Re: Evolution is more general (Score 1) 208

Teleonomy is closely related to concepts of emergence, complexity theory,[13] and self-organizing systems.[14] It has extended beneath biology to be applied in the context of chemistry.[15][16] Some philosophers of biology resist the term and still employ "teleology" when analyzing biological function[17] and the language used to describe it,[18] while others endorse it.[19]

Comment Re: Mutation only, not evolution (Score 1) 208

There is some conscious selection, some goal, that individuals of a species are exercising when they reproduce or choose whom to reproduce with. A bird might be wrong when choosing a mate based on colors, colors may not indicate the best traits for survival. The birds make choices, based on their own internally-defined goals, which may or may not agree with what you think they should choose based on your criteria of how evolution progresses.

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