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Comment: Re:Verizon has best coverage... but it's verizon. (Score 2, Informative) 395

by Meviin (#30804550) Attached to: Truth Or Dare — What Is the Best US Cell Company?
<quote>Outside of cities though, AT&amp;T has pretty good coverage. Verizon is going to get you the best cell service, but like you said, its Verizon. T-Mobile would be the company that I would reccomend, but sadly their coverage isn't too great.</quote>

I used to have Verizon, and in rural areas / areas far away from cities, I would usually have some coverage. I'm on AT&T now, and the coverage is nonexistent in many places.

Coverage in the location where you live and where you spend time will matter more, though, and both companies have coverage maps that I have found to be fairly accurate.

Comment: Re:And who's going to buy the pansy version? (Score 1) 219

by Meviin (#26853699) Attached to: Study Finds Gamers Prefer Control, Competence Over Violence
The anonymous coward wasn't the only one offended.

Both heterosexism (the implied "fag-football") and notions of masculinity that associate masculinity with GTA (calling non-GTA style games "pansy" games) are bad things. They hurt people.

Even if what you're saying is accurate, and OP was only framing the issue in terms of 13 year olds, are you actually saying that is a good thing? 13 year olds are sexist and heterosexist and we should cultivate that rather than work against it? That's the entire point of the study: the games don't have to cultivate negative values to be fun.

I do agree that the study could do with a lot more rigor and a bigger sample size, but that doesn't mean that it has a bad mission.

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