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+ - can HumbleBundle business model work in other industries?-> 1

Submitted by
Metteyya writes "HumbleBundle has proven that time-limited bundles of indie games, priced with pay-as-you-like model, can be a viable business model in games distribution. But what about other industries? A startup from Europe, MusicRage, is attempting to apply a similar business model but in the world of music, being (at the time of submitting this story) at the end of their third round of bundles."
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Comment: Horowitz, Hill - try them (Score 1) 134

by Metteyya (#17556610) Attached to: Methods of Learning to Build Electronic Circuitry?
Try the famous P. Horowitz & W. Hill "The Art of Electronics". Great amount of theory with emphasis on UNDERSTANDING how circuits work and DESIGNING them, without counting every single possible value on your calculator. First book covers the basics and analog electronics, the second one covers logical circuits and digital electronics in general.

Oh, and even if You want to program microcontrollers, you'd still need at least some theory to really understand what you're doing.

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