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Comment Somebody was trigger happy at comcast (Score 1) 215 215

From the article: Update 7pm CET: A Comcast spokesperson responded to an inquiry we sent to the company’s lawyers:

“[I] am replying to let you know that the cease and desist was sent in error, and you may disregard it. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.”

Comment Re:NFL database tech (Score 1) 154 154

I have wondered about that too. The way I would do it would be to have a number of canned queries that become relevant as the game progresses, each able to flag itself if something "unusual" should occur. Surely they are able to query on the spot but there has to be a somewhat large pool of "interesting" things preprogrammed - just waiting to happen.

Comment Re:Why spread the data around? (Score 1) 93 93

If the purpose of the Google data collection effort is to build a database of the physical location of routers as identified by hardware addresses, then it is hard to see why they would be collecting any payload data at all. Having an independent look at what they did collect might shed some light on what they were trying to achieve by doing so.

Comment Roku is linux (Score 5, Interesting) 481 481

My little Roku box that sits next to my TV and plays Netflix is built on Linux apparently. In a developer discussion about why there was no Linux desktop player I got the impression that the sticking point was the ease of siphoning off the video stream in a system where you can compile your own kernel was the real problem.

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