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+ - Music file sharer cleared of fraud->

Submitted by krou
krou (1027572) writes "The BBC is reporting that Alan Ellis, who ran music file sharing site Oink from his flat in the UK, has been found not guilty of conspiracy to defraud. Between 2004 and 2007, the site 'facilitated the download of 21 million music files' by allowing its some 200,000 'members to find other people on the web who were prepared to share files'. Ellis was making £18,000 a month from donations from users, and claimed that he had no intention of defrauding copyright holders, and said 'All I do is really like Google, to really provide a connection between people. None of the music is on my website.'"
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Comment: Re:How do people pay eachother? (Score 3, Informative) 796

by Metatron (#30470806) Attached to: UK Wants To Phase Out Checks By 2018

Pay for the what now ? I can logon to my bank online, and given any sort code and account number transfer any sum of money I choose, (that I have available), for free. This is standard across any UK bank I am aware of. Lots of these types of transactions are instant now too, (or certainly very quick), some institutions still drag and you have to wait a day or so, but they are becoming fewer.

A lot of banks also have a great deal of large companies details stored for you, making it equally as easy to pay any bill.


Is Alcohol Killing Our Planet? 468

Posted by timothy
from the every-day-is-earth-day dept.
Andy_Spoo writes "Something that I've been trying to get an answer to: Is alcohol killing our planet? Alcohol is a byproduct of yeast, but another is CO2. As we all know (unless you've been asleep for years), CO2 is helping to warm our planet, sending us into destruction. So how much is the manufacture and consumption of alcohol contributing to the total world CO2 level? And don't forget that bars and pubs force beer through to their pumps using large compressed cylinders of CO2. Does anyone know?"

Comment: Its not the content (Score 5, Informative) 115

by Metatron (#26396709) Attached to: UK Email Retention Plan Technically Flawed

The only requirement is to keep the logs for a year, from/to/time/date. Their thoughts (rightly or wrongly) is they want to be able to bring email inline with telephone records, where they can find out who called who and when - but not what you spoke about (we'll leave that to Echelon).

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