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Comment: Many ways to skin a cat. REALLY? (Score 1) 484

by Metathias (#29240003) Attached to: Solar Roadways Get DoT Funding
Technology im much more interested in would be something like using thermal-eletric device plates concreted into road ways. As one person mentioned earlier black asphalt roads tend to get very warm. and the ground underneath somewhat cool. You could get a nice amount of current over and extremely large area like that. And you would'nt have to radicly change the way you construct your roads. Or an even more bold and interesting idea is to use pressure plates that when pressed on by overpassing vehicles would produce a decent amount of energy as well. or maybe both? Oh and neither of these technologies would be anywhere near as prone to damages or breakdown because they are baked in so to speak.

Comment: Re:Just another step (Score 1) 422

by Metathias (#20460921) Attached to: California Blocks RFID Implants In Workers
Thats funny you should say its an interpretation let alone VERY! I did'nt give an interpretation i just read it verbatim. Unless your talking about the KJV translation. I have to agree with several of the people that have replied to this thread that it is'nt to be takin just in a literal since. Though I see that also as being a realistic possibility if not probability. The right hand or the forehead is actually a good place to put a thermal activated chip because those two locations are excellent for heat. Also i dont remember saying anything about bar codes. In fact im quite certain this exact sytem were discussing here is not THE mark of the beast system. Only that these push's by primarily corporations, but soon government is purposeful to wittle us down into accepting such notions into the future. To provide a little bit of apology concerning my christianity. Just a few centuries ago many christians did'nt like the idea of doctors or surgery. Due to christian ideals concerning gods will. Over time the theological groups have managed to reconcile certain understandings concerning that. However there are certain things such as this topic which i dont believe should be reconciled. Im not merely against these things because of something i read in a book thats 2000 years old. But because this is obviously nothing more than a system of control against a people that are supposed to be increasingly free and trusted. After all is'nt the intelligent and logical society also supposed to be the moral and ethical one too?

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